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Different Basic SEO Terms

* Anchor Text
Anchor text is a text which connects a link to another web page or resource. In the HTML link, like :  Here is an example, Website hosting, in which “Website hosting” is the anchor text.

* Back Link
Backlink is the incoming link to a website or web page. Backlink is well-known as inbound link.

* Reciprocal link

It is one kind of link which connects one website to another website. It is a link building process and now it has become a vital part of achieving high search engine rankings. read more

Some Information About Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is one kind of hosting where hosting provider is responsible to manage user’s server. The hosting company provides technical support, 24/7 server monitoring, install or uninstall required software, take backups etc. There are many hosting providers who provide manged hosting for all plans. Like managed shared hosting, managed vps hosting, managed dedicated hosting, managed Cloud hosting etc.

If you are new or you don’t have any technical knowledge then managed hosting would be proper for you. If you have just started your business and you choose a unmanaged hosting for your business then you cannot concentrate your core business. Your maximum time is taken up with hosting. In that case managed hosting is suitable. read more

What Is Virtual Server And How Does It Work

If you are a business owner then you know very well that now online presence is very important for every business. In order to complete that requirement you will have to choose a proper website hosting provider for yourself that will match your requirements and also your budget.

You have to know about requirements in detail first as it will assist you to choose the suitable hosting plan for you. If you are a small business owner and want to make online presence then you can choose Shared Hosting plan. Shared hosting plan is the cheapest and hence also known as Cheap Hosting. In this plan you will be able to find prices for as low as $2.55 per month on the web. But in case of shared hosting You can’t customize this plan. If you have a big amount of visitors coming to your website every day then Shared Hosting can’t help you. In that case you have to choose something better than shared hosting which can manage more website traffic, give you a more customized environment and keep your server secured all the time. read more

How To Save Money on Your Website?

Money is the most evasive object in the world. Is there anybody in this world who wouldn’t like to save or make money? In this modern economic time not only individuals but even organizations want to save money to survive amidst harsh competition. Therefore, it is a big modification for many professionals to try to search ways to save money. In most of the organizations, important aspects of budgeting, such as advertising, promotions and computer resources go beyond the prescribed budget and which are both small and big organizations. So now I want to discuss ways on saving money while maintaining your website. read more

Different Types Of Website Hosting

In a single sentence, Website Hosting is the service which provides space on the Internet for websites. Elaborately we can say that a Website Hosting is one kind of Internet hosting service, which permit individuals and organizations to create their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

There are different kinds of website hosting. Those are as follows :

1. According to the cost there are mainly two types of hosting plans. Those are free hosting and paid hosting.

* Free hosting : As per it’s name it is one kind of hosting service which is free of cost. Normally we can say that “Free hosting” is a marketing term. Free hosting will normally offer a subdomain (yoursite.example.com) or a directory (www.example.com/~yourname). read more

Why VPS Hosting Is Better Than Dedicated Hosting?

About VPS hosting :
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It is one kind of website hosting where different operating system for different users in a single physical server. This technology permit the provider to differentiate and create many virtual servers from one physical server. User have to share the server which includes the hardware itself and the connection. But, user get profit which is very comparable to dedicated hosting such as their private operating system and file system, permeating freedom of accessibility and security. Therefore, this configuration can be advised as an environment in between a shared and a dedicated hosting. Ultimately, an advanced performance and privacy can be achieved at a lesser cost than for a dedicated hosting. read more