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Why Choose Virtual Private Server for Business from bodHOST?

For most of the medium sized businesses getting a dedicated server is not possible due to the huge costs associated with it. In such a case, businesses can certainly opt for bodHOST’s virtual private server often known as VPS or VPS Hosting. It is one of the best and affordable alternatives to a high-end dedicated server.

Virtual Hosting

Unlike shared hosting and similar to a dedicated server, a virtual private server offers various benefits for SME’s and SMB’s. Some of the core advantages of having a bodHOST’s Virtual Private Servers are listed below: read more

Bzip Install On VPS Server

bzip2 is a very useful option for a VPS server owner. If anyone wants to utilize it, then the installation of bzip2 is required. User can install it with the following steps :

# cd ..
# wget bzip.org/1.0.3/bzip2-1.0.3.tar.gz
# Type: tar zxvf bzip2-1.0.3.tar.gz
# Type: cd bzip2-1.0.3
# Type: make install
With APT:
# apt-get update
#Type: apt-get install bzip.