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OpenStack – a cloud management platform

OpenStack vs VMware

OpenStack is a cloud management platform which allows users to create virtual machines according to physical criteria (number of CPUs, amount of memory, disk storage etc.) and a base image that can provide the operating system and the most suitable software. It also has features volume demand (such as Amazon EBS) via Cinder (block storage), network on demand via quantum of cloud storage mode via Swift (a scalable redundant storage system).


As we all know OpenStack is based solely on open source tools: Linux, Libvirt, QEMU / KVM and is written in Python. It meets many standards ovf (open virtual machine format), qcow2 (to create a snapshot of existing files), EC2 or S3, and specific APIs (Nova). read more

Linux Cloud Server Hosting Security

Considering security has been one of the major concerns today and to analyze, today let’s view which are the most 10 secure Linux operating System distributions on Cloud platform. The only way you can think of is updating pacthes and installing security fixes, and maintaining a firewall. These are effective, yet not convincing. You need to take a broader step to make your cloud server secure than before which includes installation of security fixes, patches, penetration testing, security audits, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection. These are likely few ways you can secure your cloud computing system. read more