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How to measure reliability of a web hosting company

Reliablity of a webhosting company

If you type a web hosting keyword in search engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing) you will find number of web hosting companies in the list. For example if you use US Google to search web hosting keyword you will find 518,000,000 results (0.51 seconds) and it becomes hard for a newbie to make a decision with the right web hosting provider, of course web hosting has become the most reliable business online which helps one to earn unlimited but there are fraud people who makes fake promises to deploy quality services. read more

Need a hosting solution? Discover the variety of our offers …

With an experience of over 14 years as web host, BODHost has developed scalable hosting solutions that fit your needs. Did you know that BODHost (US Web Hosting) has its own hosting infrastructure and its data center is located in Chicago.

Performance, security, time saving, proximity,… prices are all factors that play in the choice of accommodation. This range of services allows us to meet the needs of our clients.

Check out our website to know more about the range of services related to hosting. Whether to host your website, your applications, dedicated servers or to entrust us to manage your E-mails, we have the solution for you. read more

Virtual Dedicated Server

To be able to offer our customers the ultimate hosting solutions, BODHost US Web Hosting service provider turned to virtualization technology one step ahead than others. We now offer scalable virtual dedicated server hosting services.

This service offers the advantages of dedicated server hosting and the flexibility of a virtualized environment: one or more machines are configured upon the same physical infrastructure. Each virtual machine has its own operating system on its own processing power, its own memory and its own dedicated storage. read more