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Do all bots and search spiders comply with robots.txt exclusion rules?

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Unfortunately, not all search bots and spiders comply with robots exclusion rules; nor do they have to either. While we’re not lawyers (and we could be wrong), as far as we’re aware, there is no U.S. law prohibiting search engines from ignoring robots.txt exclusions on websites. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no point in using them; as most of the major search engines comply with the robots.txt exclusions, including Google and Bing/Yahoo!

What search engines do not comply with robots.txt exclusions?

We have suspicion to believe Baidu, a popular search engine in China, does not comply with robots.txt exclusions. However, some smaller search engines worldwide may also not comply with robots.txt exclusions. read more

Different Basic SEO Terms

* Anchor Text
Anchor text is a text which connects a link to another web page or resource. In the HTML link, like :  Here is an example, Website hosting, in which “Website hosting” is the anchor text.

* Back Link
Backlink is the incoming link to a website or web page. Backlink is well-known as inbound link.

* Reciprocal link

It is one kind of link which connects one website to another website. It is a link building process and now it has become a vital part of achieving high search engine rankings. read more