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How does server mirroring work?

Server mirroring is a method of backup that can be used to ensure that if your primary server fails, there will be another server available to fulfill the role of the server that has crashed. Server mirroring solution works by ensuring that the two servers are in constant synchronisation so that the failover server always has a copy of all the data hosted on the primary machine; this means that in the event that the secondary server has to take up the role of the primary server, when the automatic switchover occurs you won’t notice any difference because the most recent copies of all of your data will be accessible. There are a number of different ways in which server mirroring can be implemented; for example, if you are going to be utilising two servers on the same site then technologies such as RSync that will synchronise your data across the local network will meet your requirements, whilst Cross Platform Disaster Recovery solutions will be more beneficial for scenarios where hosting the backup environment elsewhere is necessary. read more