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What is Big Data?

Big Data

Introduction to Big Data

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount and variety of data that we generate and store each day? Banks, airlines, telecom operators, search service, online retailers and networks are just some of the numerous examples of companies that live daily with large volumes of information. The issue is that only having data is not enough: it is important to get to know and use them. This is where the concept of Big Data comes into scene.

In this article, you will see what is Big Data, understand why this name become more present in the vocabulary of Information Technology environments and understand the reasons why the concept of Big Data is more important to the daily life of businesses. read more

The Free PostgreSQL RDBMS has released version 9.0

I have always had a special affection for PostgreSQL because it is the first RDBMS I used. At the time, it was a version of PostgreSQL 7.1.3. The new version of PostgreSQL offers some new large concepts which are oriented for high availability.

The Hot Stanby which allows you to run read-only queries while the server is in recovery or standby mode archive.

The streaming replication allows a standby server to stay up to date than is possible with log shipping in files. The standby connects to the primary, which sends the standby WAL records once they are generated, without waiting for a WAL file to get filled. read more