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OpenVZ And Xen- The Most Popular VPS Hosting Platforms

OpenVZ is a Virtualization platform. It is based on a single Linux kernel which has been modified to support different Linux virtual environments. On the other hand Xen is a paravirtualization platform, just similiar to hardware emulation. Paravirtualization works by creating an interface between the virtual environment’s OS and the hardware, that queues and responds to the OS requests from OS modified to interact with the paravirtualization interface.

OpenVZ and Xen use different virtualization approaches: read more

Usefull OpenVZ Commands

OpenVZ Commands:

A. vzlist -a : For a list of the VPS’s present on that specific Node.

B. vzctl start VPS_ID : To start the VPS.

C. vzctl stop VPS_ID : To stop or Shut Down the VPS

D. vzctl status VPS_ID : To find out the exact condition of the special VPS

E. vzctl stop VPS_ID -fast : To stop the VPS fast and forcefully

F. vzctl enter VPS_ID : To enter in a special VPS

Configuration Commands :

A. vzctl set VPS_ID -hostname vps.domain.com -save: To set the Hostname of a VPS.

B. vzctl set VPS_ID -ipadd -save : To add a new IP to the hosting VPS. read more