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ISPConfig is an online administration interface to manage the hosting server web services. ISPConfig is a graphical interface to manage web servers, available as an open source. Different levels of hosting companies may offer you this service to manage all the traditional services of a web server such as  dns, domain names, ftp, web server, database, etc…

Here are the features available:

1. Httpd (virtual hosts, domain and IP based) Apache
2. FTP – Proftpd and vsftpd
3. Bind (A, CNAME, MX and SPF Records)
4. POP3 Auto-Responder
5. MySQL client-databases
6. Webalizer statistics
7.  Hard disk quota
8.  Mail-Quota
9.  Traffic limits
10. IP-addresses
11. SSL
12. SSI
13. Shell-access
14. Mailscanner (Antivirus)
15. Firewall – iptables ipchains read more

EHCP Easy Hosting Control Panel:

What is EHCP?

EHCP (Easy Hosting Control Panel) is a control panel, which is completely free and Open Source that  means you won’t required to pay anything to use this interface.

EHCP control panel contains all the necessary things for hosting domains. Among them are Apache, MySQL, PHP5, Postfix, FTP, etc.. All services will be functioning and operating as soon as you install it on your server.

For your information; EHCP is specially oriented for Ubuntu & Debian OS, but cannot install on other Linux OS. However, it is a powerful open source control panel, and simple to install that allows the user to manage services easily. read more