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Windows VPS Web Hosting – Why It Is Worth The Investment?

Windows VPS Hosting - Windows Server Logo

Windows is a preferred operating system and Windows VPS Hosting has also gained a lot of popularity because of this operating system. Most of the small and medium businesses prefer using US VPS web hosting for hosting their websites. It provides with a dedicated server like environment that ensures maximum efficiency. Industry leading features and managed backups have increased the popularity of this hosting platform.

It usually happens that a lot of time is spent on updating the server for ensuring the smooth functioning of the operating system; this does not happen with the US VPS web hosting platform. With Windows VPS, the uptime of the server is ensured at all times; and whenever new updates are available, your server will be updated immediately. You also get the capacity monitoring feature with US VPS web hosting. read more

When VPS Hosting Would Be Suitable For You? (Part-II)

When can you choose VPS hosting?

* Cost : If you have a little bit more budget than shared hosting and if you can’t afford dedicated hosting, then you can choose VPS hosting.

* Flexibility: If you want more flexibility than shared hosting then VPS hosting would be suitable for you.

* Security : In case of hosting, security is a very important point. If you don’t want to face any problem about security then you can choose VPS hosting.

Choose Managed VPS hosting or Un-managed VPS hosting? / which would be suitable : managed VPS hosting or un-managed VPS hosting? read more

Some Information About Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is one kind of hosting where hosting provider is responsible to manage user’s server. The hosting company provides technical support, 24/7 server monitoring, install or uninstall required software, take backups etc. There are many hosting providers who provide manged hosting for all plans. Like managed shared hosting, managed vps hosting, managed dedicated hosting, managed Cloud hosting etc.

If you are new or you don’t have any technical knowledge then managed hosting would be proper for you. If you have just started your business and you choose a unmanaged hosting for your business then you cannot concentrate your core business. Your maximum time is taken up with hosting. In that case managed hosting is suitable. read more