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bodHOST Dedicated Servers with Control Panels for Simplified Server Management

Bodhost provides dedicated server hosting from our Tier 3 data center, which is located in Chicago, USA. As one of the leading data centers in the USA, our data center provides facilities that allow us to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with all of our dedicated servers; furthermore, with staff monitoring the network infrastructure as well as server hardware 24×7, you can be assured that the chances of downtime because of server or network issues are minimal.

We offer a range of professional server configurations that you can take advantage of to improve your business’s IT infrastructure and introduce a range of new IT applications that can help to streamline certain functions and business acitivities so that you can improve the productivity of your employees. Other server configurations available from Bodhost in the USA include: read more

Discussions Continue For The Future of Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the last few years cloud hosting environment is a subject which is grabbing attention more than any other hosting solution. However, when it comes to the comparison between cloud and dedicated server, traditional dedicated hosting is still as competitive as cloud environment.

There are lot of reasons that will suggest you to adopt cloud over other options, even I have mentioned some of those reasons in my previous posts. But necessarily, there are some of you out there who need a dedicated server, but you are confused whether to choose dedicated or cloud. read more

Managed Dedicated Server’s Benefits

Here are a number of advantages to choosing a web server effectively.

Easy administration: When choosing a dedicated server and managed, you wont have to worry about tasks such as: its creation, deployment, maintenance updates, security monitoring, and software. The hosting company will handle all the maintenance tasks associated with it. It will ensure that your server supports high availability and peak performance to focus on other important tasks.

Cost savings: Although these servers cost less than an unmanaged server, you will save money in the long run because you will not have to buy hardware, software and additional staff to manage the server. You will also save about technical support because the host provide round the clock customer support. All problems will be solved as the highest priority. read more