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cPanel Would Be The Best Control Panel For Your Linux VPS Hosting

A web hosting control panel is a GUI (graphical user interface) used in the management of the server or hosting account. The graphics are easy to interpret so that even a layman would understand and get a hold of it in no time. There are different types of control panels available on the internet. Like :

cPanel: http://www.cpanel.net
Plesk : http://www.sw-soft.com
H-Sphere : http://www.psoft.net
Ensim : http://www.ensim.com
DirectAdmin : http://www.directadmin.com
Interworx : http://www.interworx.info
Helm : http://www.webhostautomation.com/products/helm
Hosting Accelerator : http://www.hostingaccelerator.com
InsPanel : http://www.inspanel.com
CWIPanel: http://www.cwipanel.com read more