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How To Save Money With bodHOST VPS Hosting

The successful growth rate of the business depends on the online market. So, after starting any business, the business owner wants to create an online presence. They can capture worldwide market through online business. The business has just started or the main attractions of the business owners are their core business so, they don’t have more budget to create website and hosting their website. On the other hand, the successful growth rate of the business depends on the website design and web hosting. So, they can’t afford security or uptime problem. read more

Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS (Part- II)

About Linux Hosting

If any user’s website is developed with open-source software and they want to find out any open-source operating system then Linux VPS hosting would be suitable for them. In case of Linux VPS hosting, the operating system Linux is very compatible with PHP.

Linux is like a playing field for programmers across the world- as a result we see countless applications being created, modified and tested constantly. So it proves that Linux hosting always keeps the window open to let in fresh air of modern revelation. As per this point of view nothing beats Linux hosting for an avid user. read more

Important Things To know Before Choosing Windows VPS Hosting

What is windows VPS hosting :
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In case of VPS users share their server maintenance cost and also resources but they get the good performance like dedicated server. There are mainly two operating systems in the web hosting market: Linux (open source) and windows (developed by Microsoft ). If any user chooses windows operating system for his VPS then that is consider as a windows VPS hosting. Windows VPS supports Windows applications like ASP, ASP.NET and Sharepoint web pages as well as Microsoft SQL and Access databases. read more

Important Things To Know Before Choosing Linux VPS Hosting

If you are a new comer in hosting market then you must be confused while choosing your suitable hosting provider, hosting plan and also operating system.

Maximum hosting providers offer some similar types of hosting plans like: Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, Colocation hosting Etc. Shared hosting is the cheapest option but if users can afford little more budget then VPS hosting would be suitable for them. You can follow the following parameters to choose a suitable hosting plan. read more

Windows Hosting Or Linux Hosting – Which Operating System Is Proper For Me?

There are countless web hosting providers present in the market offering different hosting plans. After you have selected a good hosting provider, you have to select the appropriate hosting plan which best suits your requirements. One of the most important aspects of selecting a hosting plan is the operating system for your hosting account or server.

Linux and Windows are the two operating systems which cover the whole web hosting market. Though both are equally good, both are popular for different reasons- Windows is the biggest competitor of Linux. Linux is an open source operating system and Windows is a Microsoft product.

About Linux Hosting-
Linux is an open source operating system and that’s the reason why Linux hosting plans are cheaper compared to Windows. There is no license cost or other cost for Linux Operating Systems. For this reason Linux hosting is a very cost effective and ideal for beginner users with minimum requirements. But Linux OS doesn’t support Microsoft technologies like ASP, FrontPage, ASP.NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, MS Access, MS SQL Server, or any of the other Microsoft’s owned technologies. So, you can’t choose Linux OS when your web site is developed with any of the above technologies. read more