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Know More About Domain Name (Part-II)

A. Register a domain name with domain registrar :

You have to register your selected domain name with one of the ICANN approved registrars. You can register your domain for one year and after one year if you wish to continue then you have to register that it again. Your hosting provider can register your domain on behalf of you. You have to choose a suitable available domain name. To register a domain you have to provide the following information:

B. Domain name owner credentials (name, company name, address, phone, email address etc.)
1. Administrative contact credentials
2.Technical contact credentials
3.Domain Name System (DNS) server details
Your hosting provider provides the DNS server. The DNS server should have entries of the domain name as explained in the next section. At least a primary (e.g. ns1.yourdomainname.com) and a secondary (e.g. ns2.yourdomainname.com) name server addresses are required.
Now we discuss about DNS server setup in details:

C. Domain Setup On DNS Server:

After registering your domain you have to setup your domain on the DNS server. If you don’t completely setup your domain then your domain name will not work. The job of a A DNS server is to trace a domain name to IP address(es) of the web server and mail server so that a user can easily connect to the webserver or mail server using by typing the domain name in the browser. A forward lookup zone is created for the domain name in the DNS server. Start of authority (SOA), Name server (NS), Hostname (A), Canonical Names (CNAME) and Mail eXchange (MX) entries are added to the forward lookup zone as shown below for a domain “foodomain.com” with name servers “ns1.dnsserver.com” and “ns1.dnsserver.com”. read more

Know More About Domain Name (Part-I)

* What is Domain name?
All domain names are formed by the rules and regulations of DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses and also identify a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control in the Internet.

* What are the advantages of own domain?

1. It would be very easy to find out. Like : yourdomain.com is more easy to remember than yourdomain.com/abc-church
2. You get a more professional image in the market with it.
3. You can utilize various Email “aliases”. Every Email message affirms your name, eg [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
4. If you want to change your hosting provider, remove ‘in that case’ you can do that very easily with your own domain.
5. Your website would be search engine friendly.
6. You would get good rank in search engine listings. read more

How to Choose a Good Domain Name and Web Hosting for your Site?

When you prepared to launch your website, you want to take two crucial decisions; what will be your domain name and where to host a new website.

When a web address (ex. http://www.abc.com) type into the browser, the server will look for a page called index. This page can have different extensions such as. htm,. html, or. shtml and displayed when calling the URL. The other site pages are called by including the URL followed by “/” and the name of the page: http://www.abc.com/xyz.shtml. read more