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VPS Web Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting

If you use shared hosting and your site is getting slower lately especially when you have many visitors, then it’s time for you to upgrade your shared account on VPS hosting or rent a dedicated server. Note:  before you upgrade your account, you need to understand what VPS and dedicated hosting is. So you will not make a mistake while upgrading to the service to next level.

Here is a review for each service.

VPS, as the name suggest a server that runs on a virtual environment. While a host server is partitioned and each partition performs a VPS server, this type of accommodation is more powerful than shared hosting because you have more resources that are dedicated to you. VPS acts like a complete server so that you can install OS of your choice and able to install any application that you want. read more

Managed Dedicated Server’s Benefits

Here are a number of advantages to choosing a web server effectively.

Easy administration: When choosing a dedicated server and managed, you wont have to worry about tasks such as: its creation, deployment, maintenance updates, security monitoring, and software. The hosting company will handle all the maintenance tasks associated with it. It will ensure that your server supports high availability and peak performance to focus on other important tasks.

Cost savings: Although these servers cost less than an unmanaged server, you will save money in the long run because you will not have to buy hardware, software and additional staff to manage the server. You will also save about technical support because the host provide round the clock customer support. All problems will be solved as the highest priority. read more

The reasons for the success of videoconferencing over the Internet

Videoconferencing systems on the Internet also called “web conference” can transform your PC into a true virtual meeting room, interactive, available 24/7. You can meet people of your choice, they are in the same city as you or across the world.

Just utilize the benefits of VoIP . You can talk to your audience as if you were on the phone, but much more interactive, thanks to your Internet connection. Not only do you talk to them, but you can see and write to them directly, while exchanging documents. And all this at once, without moving. read more