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Hosting an AutoDJ Software for SHOUTcast Servers on Dedicated Server

What is AutoDJ?

The AutoDJ often known as a Content Delivery System which is used for SHOUTcast servers, allows you to have your Internet Radio Online 24 hours a day without the need for a speaker constantly making issue. This way, your radio will be available for listeners when the other radio broadcasters are not transmitting live music.

The operation of this system is pretty basic, so it will certainly be clarified with your explanation.

When you subscribe to their service, you will receive an email with all the details required to configure and start broadcasting its radio online. You will also receive the access to the data of the FTP server so you can send music to your dedicated server to use the same with AutoDJ. read more

Dedicated Server FAQ’s: How Many Websites can I Host With My Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server Websites

When customers place an order for a dedicated server, there is one question that is very commonly asked- how many websites can I host on the server? Well, there is no single answer to that question. While a dedicated server can accommodate several websites at a time, the actual number would vary according to each customer’s requirements. Broadly, these are some of the factors that influence the number of websites a dedicated web server can accommodate:

The Design

A lot depends on the web designing software and platform used to design your website. Your website can be either a static HTML website or a dynamic website. read more

Root Access To Dedicated Server

A server root access or root server gives you the full power to your own server with the maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring the web server.

Comparison of the service provider and server root access rates in the following area:

Root-Server Comparison

Root access of the server to the client is always in question, but to offer maximum freedom to clients a lot of web hosting companies offer this privilege. This step is practical as well, because whenever client wants to install his own scripts and don’t have patience to wait then giving them the server access usually is the right choice for the web host. In addition, administrator of the hosting company is able to obtain rights on your server and can make all the settings which you should opt for a root server. read more

Virtual Dedicated Server

To be able to offer our customers the ultimate hosting solutions, BODHost US Web Hosting service provider turned to virtualization technology one step ahead than others. We now offer scalable virtual dedicated server hosting services.

This service offers the advantages of dedicated server hosting and the flexibility of a virtualized environment: one or more machines are configured upon the same physical infrastructure. Each virtual machine has its own operating system on its own processing power, its own memory and its own dedicated storage. read more

Secure your dedicated server with Iptables

In this article, we’ll see how to secure your dedicated server by configuring three essential programs:

* Iptables: Firewall is the Linux systems, it is difficult to handle the first time but you can make very fine adjustments. In this tutorial I propose a set of standard rules for a web server.
* Fail2ban: it is a system that automatically ban all users who try to connect several times without success on our server. It helps prevent brute force attacks.
* Rkhunter: it is a software that warns of sensitive files that are changed. In other words, a good detector Backdoor and Rootkit. read more

Dedicated Server: Choice of operating system

The choice of operating system is the second choice you have to do after choosing the dedicated hosting. It is not to be taken lightly because once your server up and running it is likely that you do not change OS for some time.

Most hosting companies offer a wide choice of operating system:

  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Bsd
  4. Solaris etc

The choice of a Windows system could be your first idea, as it is a system that you may use every day and most probably that you like its environment. This solution is pretty useful, although here we are going talk about a free solution. read more

The best alternatives and factors to host business website

Today, the need for a website for all the companies can not be stressed enough. It is a marketing channel for your company, feedback or mode of internal and external communication and a tool for the operations of several companies. Therefore, it is important to get a good deal on the Internet hosting companies as well as quality services. Business web hosting simply means the process or act of hosting a corporate website. In other words, using special tools to configure the servers to receive applications for the website of the company. Commercial created website needs reliable, safe, fast and easy to navigate architecture. Therefore, while hosting a business website, you can go for the  services that perfectly complement that. read more

Managed Dedicated Server’s Benefits

Here are a number of advantages to choosing a web server effectively.

Easy administration: When choosing a dedicated server and managed, you wont have to worry about tasks such as: its creation, deployment, maintenance updates, security monitoring, and software. The hosting company will handle all the maintenance tasks associated with it. It will ensure that your server supports high availability and peak performance to focus on other important tasks.

Cost savings: Although these servers cost less than an unmanaged server, you will save money in the long run because you will not have to buy hardware, software and additional staff to manage the server. You will also save about technical support because the host provide round the clock customer support. All problems will be solved as the highest priority. read more

How to Disable Mailman in cPanel?

Mailman is a feature or you can say attribute of cPanel control panel, or WHM, that allows you to create mailing lists so that you can send large number of E-mails from your virtual private server or dedicated server. While this feature is useful to contact with people whom you work on your server or websites, but the downside of this feature is; it uses system resources and can slow down the server if you cross the  limitations. However, you can easily disable Mailman through your cPanel WHM.

  • Access your whm log-in web page by typing the IP address of your server followed by a colon and the number ‘2083’. For an example,; in your web browser window.
  • Now enter the root/admin server access user_name and password in their respective fields once the cPanel whm log in windows appears.
  • On your main whm screen you will see the ‘server configuration’ icon; click on that and then click on ‘Tweak Settings’ in the screen that appears afterward.
  • Move down the tweak settings list of the mail section, and proceed to go down toward the bottom of the mail section to search enable mailman mailing lists.
  • At right of the enable mailman mailing lists entry line you will see the radio button “off” click on that.
  • Move down to the bottom of the tweak settings menu list and click save. Wait for a while until the list of processes to stop and the message DONE to appear at the bottom of the list. This process takes less than a few minute.
  • To return back to the main whm just click on to ‘home’ option or simply log out the whm as you wish.
  • read more