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Misconceptions About The USA Patriot Act and Data Security in the Cloud Sector

This blog post speaks about the misconceptions people are having about the USA Patriot Act and Data Security, especially in the cloud sector.

Since the cloud computing technology has emerged it has changed our life in many different ways. Unlike the old days, now we don’t have to stick to the same computer system to access the data and application on Web. The cloud computing has offered a unique way through which people can access applications and upload, download any data from anywhere, anytime and using any device supporting an Internet connection. read more

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Data

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone Data

The following article offers you effective tips and important measures you should take in order to protect your smartphone data.

Update Your Device Constantly

You should always keep the devices updated. This way, you can avoid security flaws that are correcting the manufacturers with new versions.

Avoid Unauthorized Software Modifications

Try to prevent unauthorized software modifications in your smartphone. Using original software guarantees you greater confidence in your device. Try to avoid “Rooting Android” and “Jailbreak” in iPhone). read more