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Get Profits With Linux Reseller Web Hosting (Part- II)

Linux reseller web hosting is well known as cpanel reseller hosting. Maximum resellers prefer Linux reseller hosting. Linux is a popular open source operating system for a large number of existing online business owners and also a large number of upcoming online business owners. The demand of Linux reseller hosting is growing as per the growth of the web hosting market. The cause of the huge demand for Linux reseller hosting is its easily affordability, good stability, excellent security and huge popularity. read more

Windows Hosting Or Linux Hosting – Which Operating System Is Proper For Me?

There are countless web hosting providers present in the market offering different hosting plans. After you have selected a good hosting provider, you have to select the appropriate hosting plan which best suits your requirements. One of the most important aspects of selecting a hosting plan is the operating system for your hosting account or server.

Linux and Windows are the two operating systems which cover the whole web hosting market. Though both are equally good, both are popular for different reasons- Windows is the biggest competitor of Linux. Linux is an open source operating system and Windows is a Microsoft product.

About Linux Hosting-
Linux is an open source operating system and that’s the reason why Linux hosting plans are cheaper compared to Windows. There is no license cost or other cost for Linux Operating Systems. For this reason Linux hosting is a very cost effective and ideal for beginner users with minimum requirements. But Linux OS doesn’t support Microsoft technologies like ASP, FrontPage, ASP.NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, MS Access, MS SQL Server, or any of the other Microsoft’s owned technologies. So, you can’t choose Linux OS when your web site is developed with any of the above technologies. read more