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Overview On Different Control Panels

I once had the opportunity to test all control panel systems on my test VPS. So here is a brief overview of my experience just in case anyone should need a concise overview. It was based on a fresh Debian Lenny 64bit system.

SysCP: Probably the slimmest of all control panels.  I liked very well, because it is actually perfect for a VPS with a handful of domains and hardly more email addresses. But also for commercial hosting SysCP is to use; thanks to ticket system and various user levels. The installation was pretty easy, even when the manual to change the config files is a bit time consuming. However, I wanted to send the mail postfix part out not (but probably was more like gadgets than on my previous SysCP ). read more

Domain Technologie Control

Domain Technologie Control in short DTC is an admin control panel for  web hosting server. This interface allows the management of domain names, FTP accounts, web sites, databases MySQL and many other things.

Here is a partial list of its options:

* Real-time monitoring of all servers per user
* Updated Auto IP (dyndns-like feature)
* Antivirus and anti-spam quarantine management for spam
* Ability to create backup dns server and mail between two or more DTC (exchange SSL)
* Works on many distributions (FreeBSD, redhat, debian, OS-X …)
* Interface with business registration form and payment option.
* Management of mailing list with multiple options (moderation, customization of the headers …)
* Installer application to install CMS applications in a few clicks (phpBB, osCommerce, Drupal, etc …)
* Multi-lingual
* Management of different types of hosting: shared hosting, dedicated hosting or VPS
* Manage complete billing with invoice, renewal …
* Manager of incident ticketing system
* Supervision read more


As I am a big fan of open sourced products, so this might give me some bias towards this control panel as well. For your information AlternC is a set of software for hosting management on GNU / Linux.

AlternC is an online administration interface that allows management of users and web services (domains, email, ftp accounts, statistics …)

Services available and administered by the panel are:

* Domains and subdomains
* E-mail, accessible pop / imap and webmail and mail forwarding
* Web hosting with php and mysql
* Mailing lists / diffusion
* Ftp access
* Grazer to navigate the directories of the web space and adding / removing / editing files
* Site visit statistics read more