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Top Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting.

Advanatges of cloud server hosting

Top Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting

There are various benefits that a business can experience when it moves to cloud computing. Here we list some of the major advantages that one can have by moving to the cloud.

1. Reduces Investment

When you have all your data on the cloud the need to maintain your own IT infrastructure is minimal. You can save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on hardware, software and other equipments. The need for storage comes down to a minimum when you store most of your data on the cloud.

2. Low Cost of Operation read more

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From The Cloud Technology?

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The cloud hosting platform is a popular one and it enables utilization of the cloud services through the internet. With cloud based hosting, instead of installing the software applications on the local workstations, you can utilize the resources to store and process the business data on the remote cloud servers. In simple words, when you conduct ‘business in the cloud’, your data is accessible over the internet through any computer connected to the network. Thereby, business can function from any part of the world. Cloud server hosting is also a crucial aspect when it comes to organizing the IT space. read more

Basics of Web Hosting in the Cloud.

With the quick rise in Cloud Computing use cases and user interest it wasn’t unusual for hosting to be done in the cloud as well. All the benefits of the cloud platform like flexibility, scalability and on-demand resources can be applied effectively to web hosting services and make it a much better alternative to traditional services.

To understand this better, we first look at what cloud computing is? Cloud Computing is the cluster of computers or servers clubbed together and the resources are offered in virtualized portions as requested by the users. This is supplied over the internet under the software as a service (SaaS) model of cloud computing. read more

Before Choosing Web Hosting Service Keep Special Attention About Data Center

If anyone want to get a web page on the internet then they have to choose a suitable web hosting provider. There are many web hosting providers in the web hosting market with their different hosting plans, like- shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud server hosting etc. Users have to choose the web hosting plan based on how they plan to utilize their website, how much budget they have for the server, and how much time they want to spend maintaining the servers which make up the website. read more

Architecture of the Shared Cloud Environment

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eNlight Enterprise Cloud

The shared cloud is offered to promote affordable cloud hosting that is accessible to users of all abilities and businesses of any size so that they are able to reap the benefits of the reliability and security that the cloud platform can provide. eNlight cloud hosting from Bodhost utilizes one of the core principles of promoting affordability in the shared cloud – the pay-per-use concept; the definition of ‘pay-per-use’ in this context is that you will be paying for the resources that you wish to have allocated to your server or are using and nothing beyond that. Furthermore, the eNlight platform allows for the expansion of virtual machines with just a few clicks so that resources are assigned immediately; with this feature we can assure you that no downtime will be incurred when adjusting the resource arrangement on one of your virtual machines. read more

Cloud computing service providers and their limitations

Cloud computing is a very wide term and doesn’t cover all IT infrastructure. There are bigger challenges of migrating complex infrastructures and computes to virtual environment or cloud. You will need to consider a lot of variations while preparing a public or private cloud computing. The consideration includes increasing complexity and ever-growing data or databases.

Also, you need to know which applications need to be networked and what operating system you would probably need to run the environment. Technology have evolved over a period of time, but placement of those technologies at the right place is important or you would be loosing a lot of business due to downtime, loss of data and other factors. read more

Cloud Server Hosting For The Call Centers

The next revolution of BODHost Cloud solution is to make the appropriate cloud computing environment for call centers to remove obstacle created by outdated premise based solutions.

According to our communication with some of call centers CEO’s, the thing which we have noticed, they are searching for possibilities to increase their revenues while cutting down the overall operational costs. Many of them have shown their interest in our enLight cloud computing as it is a way to achieve both of these objectives. read more

Cloud Hosting Services

Selling Cloud Hosting Services to Enterprise Businesses

Initially we have noticed that resource compliance concerns normally prevent customers from the adoption, or even thinking about cloud services so we decided to test the newly developed enLight platform which is based on IaaS structure. It allows the clients to allocate additional resources according to the needs easily. Even though our current cloud pricing model already fits into the competitive marketplace and this new cloud IaaS structure is going to allows us to offer more aggressive pricing. read more

How to maintain control with private cloud server hosting ?

You can easily deploy your servers, but you cannot compromise your security or access to your resources. Bodhost eNlight hosting cloud computing services offers a unique host-based traffic technology which is distributed in the virtual infrastructure. It enables all virtual networks and protects hosts at every level delivering high quality of service. With bodhost cloud hosting services, you can easily carry out live migrations on your private cloud platform maintaining all security policies.

However, deployment requires compliance control and access policies and can be controlled with automation over the resource. One controls consumption of resources and other controls workflows and limits that are provisioned. The virtual infrastructure also generates usage reports. read more

What is a private cloud server hosting ?

Bigger business units have now started utilizing private clouds. Private cloud server hosting benefits enterprises :

a. Efficiently share infrastructure and service high requests.
b. Enabling workload and management accross multiple clouds.
c. On-demand provisioning

With BODDHost, eNlight cloud server hosting services, you can easily deploy private clouds and improve efficiency, scalability and benefits without much investment.