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MS SQL cloud servers – private cloud computing

Private cloud web hosting is better than public cloud for enterprise business who would like to have their own virtual data center. A company owns complete control of it’s infrastructure and provides more flexibility and scalability.

Your private cloud servers can be designed to compute power that matches business requirements. It enables resources on a virtual machines and be moved between hosts to manage workloads.

Microsoft infrastructures, micrsofot system center virtual machine manager 2012 is a the platform that enables private cloud but we need to understand if a MS SQL server can match to a private cloud. SQL server clusters are setup to increase availability, but they are not designed to increase scalability. But, you can create partitioned databases for different databases. But you cannot simply add a server to a cluster, but you have to careful and re-design the structure of the databases to make sure each applications connect to the right database on a SQL server cluster. read more