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Architecture of the Shared Cloud Environment

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eNlight Enterprise Cloud

The shared cloud is offered to promote affordable cloud hosting that is accessible to users of all abilities and businesses of any size so that they are able to reap the benefits of the reliability and security that the cloud platform can provide. eNlight cloud hosting from Bodhost utilizes one of the core principles of promoting affordability in the shared cloud – the pay-per-use concept; the definition of ‘pay-per-use’ in this context is that you will be paying for the resources that you wish to have allocated to your server or are using and nothing beyond that. Furthermore, the eNlight platform allows for the expansion of virtual machines with just a few clicks so that resources are assigned immediately; with this feature we can assure you that no downtime will be incurred when adjusting the resource arrangement on one of your virtual machines. read more

US VPS Server Hosting with Root Access for Server Management

What is Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that is hosted on a physical machine with other VPS servers and provides a dedicated hosting environment similar to that of a dedicated server, but VPS servers are available at a much more affordable cost. Bodhost offers a range of Linux VPS servers and Windows VPS servers so that there is variety available to suit the requirements of all users. With root access provided with all VPS hosting plans, you will have full control of your hosting environment so that you can adapt the functionality and performance to reflect what you would like to see. All Bodhost web hosting services are hosted out of our Tier 3 data center, located in Chicago, Illinois; our data center is one of the most secure facilities in the USA and uses the most up-to-date technologies so that we can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with our VPS hosting plans. read more

Introduction to Different Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is based around three different principles primarily, with all of them delivered in the context of a shared core environment. If you choose your own private cloud solution then IaaS, PaaS and SaaS won’t apply because you will control over the entire cloud, but if you opt for any other cloud solution offered by Bodhost then one of the following will come into play at some point.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The fundamental idea of IaaS-based cloud computing services is that the consumer will have access to the resources that form the virtual machine, along with some of the external resources that can affect the operation of virtual machines externally. For larger businesses having this level of control will put them in a position where they can develop complex infrastructures from within the cloud to support their web applications; the benefit of this is that they can reduce costs because achieving such infrastructures using physical networking hardware and dedicated servers can be an expensive business. read more

How does cloud hosting compare to dedicated hosting?

Features of Cloud bodHosting

With many large corporations predicting that they will exhaust their data center capacity and IT infrastructures in the near future, the cloud is seen as being the answer to this by providing one centralized infrastructure from which corporate applications can be served globally. It is believed that the need for corporate data centers will begin to diminish over the next several years as many larger enterprises look to specialist infrastructure companies to aid them with their cloud designs so that the highest levels of performance and stability can be achieved. read more

Microsoft Windows Server 8 and Hyper-V 3.0

As we all know Hyper- V is a virtualization technology for Windows platform and this new 3.0 version is specially developed for the Windows 8 client and Windows Server 8. Microsoft is going to offer this version as a stand alone product.

The key features of this operating system are:

  • It focuses more on virtualization with the update to hyper-v 3.0
  • High availability, simple management of multiple server platforms
  • Main vision is to focus on the cloud computing
  • More flexibility and simplicity to manage data and applications

However, hyper-v 3.0 is based an older version of hyper-v that creates a virtualization environment for multiple partitioning to run. The layer of hypervisor, or the parent partition actually enables the management of child partitions. In addition, hyper-V uses the term partition to refer to a virtualization layer that provides an separate environment in which guest OS and application can run. read more

Cloud Server Hosting For The Call Centers

The next revolution of BODHost Cloud solution is to make the appropriate cloud computing environment for call centers to remove obstacle created by outdated premise based solutions.

According to our communication with some of call centers CEO’s, the thing which we have noticed, they are searching for possibilities to increase their revenues while cutting down the overall operational costs. Many of them have shown their interest in our enLight cloud computing as it is a way to achieve both of these objectives. read more

Cloud Hosting Increases The Market For Virtualization

Without application virtualization those companies which are still using applications in a traditional way will remain anchored permanently on the workstation of the user. Virtualization technology allows them to install, manage, and secure their applications in the cloud environment. In addition, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows the centralized management of desktops form the data center without heavy lifting or making any application changes.

From a market perspective, the maturity of virtualization of dedicated servers, applications and workstations lead to the emergence of cloud computing offerings. read more

Grow Your Online Business With A Web Hosting Provider

If you start any kind of business and want to promote your business on the web then you have to create an attractive website for your business and also choose a suitable web hosting provider to host that website. Now web hosting market develop very much. Now there are many hosting plans and countless hosting providers in the hosting market.

So, it is difficult to choose a suitable hosting plan and good hosting provider. But once you choose a suitable web hosting plan and a good hosting provider then you must get success in your business.
You have to take care to choose web hosting provider and other points like : read more

VMware automated cloud computing

VMware has the new version 5 of the operating system vSphere announced. It serves to increase the performance of applications that increase the availability of virtualized applications and improve the automated management. This is a complementary set of cloud-computing software presented and launched an expanding vSphere storage offering for SMEs. On VMware Forum, a lot of clients participated, the news from VMware and its partners such as HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and Fujitsu have been declared.

Many people visited the VMware Forum in 2011. It was timed perfectly. Confident VMware CEO and President Paul Maritz commented the night before the biggest product launch of the VMware 5 version. “It’s the success of VMware, that is established standard for virtualization infrastructure. Virtualization of hardware under one roof understands detached computer systems. You can use flexible or fixed, assigned hardware resources, they need to accomplish their mission. This leads to greater utilization of computers and up to 80 percent less power consumption.” Maritz is born and raised in South Africa: he adapts to his biography and company image that is simultaneously. read more