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I want to Sign a Contract with a Cloud Hosting Service Provider. What Basic Points Should I look for in a Cloud Hosting Service SLA?

Today, the cloud-based services are the biggest boom of the Industry. Since the emergence of cloud computing, there has been a consistent growth in the cloud-based services in various industries that includes Education, Health, Information Technology, Finance & Banking, Telecommunication, Hospitality, etc… Though the cloud services are spreading, however still there are people in the industry who don’t trust on cloud as there are some misconceptions about U.S. Patriot Act in their mind.

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Selling Cloud Hosting Services to Enterprise Businesses

Initially we have noticed that resource compliance concerns normally prevent customers from the adoption, or even thinking about cloud services so we decided to test the newly developed enLight platform which is based on IaaS structure. It allows the clients to allocate additional resources according to the needs easily. Even though our current cloud pricing model already fits into the competitive marketplace and this new cloud IaaS structure is going to allows us to offer more aggressive pricing. read more