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Private Cloud or Public Cloud – Which One is Better?

Private Cloud Computing

Differences Between Private Cloud & Public Cloud

Choosing a private cloud or public cloud is one of the dilemmas that sometimes concern to those responsible for the companies. In terms of performance, both cloud services share almost similar nature, however, distinguish only in their core architecture. According to many IT researchers,  analysts and professionals, a public cloud dominates over the private cloud service.

Let’s take a look at both cloud services and their benefits to organizations: read more

Enterprise organizations and cloud hosting server infrastructure

The requirement to deliver on-demand services on cloud platform with high degree of efficiency and flexibility are leading many IT organizations to evolve from basic server hardware infrastructure to cloud computing.

It also enables many IT organizations organize themselves to the exact computing power and capacity required for support products and services. Cloud infrastructures allow third-party cloud services to be hoested with minimal investment. It is very important to understand the IT infrastructure. read more