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I want to Sign a Contract with a Cloud Hosting Service Provider. What Basic Points Should I look for in a Cloud Hosting Service SLA?

Today, the cloud-based services are the biggest boom of the Industry. Since the emergence of cloud computing, there has been a consistent growth in the cloud-based services in various industries that includes Education, Health, Information Technology, Finance & Banking, Telecommunication, Hospitality, etc… Though the cloud services are spreading, however still there are people in the industry who don’t trust on cloud as there are some misconceptions about U.S. Patriot Act in their mind.

Cloud Providers
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Cloud Server Hosting Contract Agreement

1. Contract between cloud server hosting provider and client :

It’s always better to have a contract between you and cloud hosting provider directly rather than involving your client.

2. All security measures should be mentioned into contract :

You need to understand how the cloud server hosting provider secures the system. Check for audit report and certifications which are required and should also include applications, infrastructure and configurations.

3. Investigate backgrounds :

You need to investigate about the cloud hosting provider’s background and reviews including technical professionals skills added in the contract. read more