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enLight Cloud Computing Benefits

enLight cloud for web application hosting is a revolutionary platform for private and public cloud web hosting environments.

As we all know, these days almost each IT company is looking to build a cloud infrastructure, but the easy definition of cloud computing and its potential benefits have changed over time, knowing exactly what this technology actually offers is not always as easy as it looks.

So that is the reason we have changed the style of our cloud computing architecture to make it simpler. The new enLight platform will help you to better evaluate resources according to the real time needs. Learn More Here : BODHost cloud computing. read more

Virtual Image for cloud computing web services

The foundation of any cloud computing is virtual image. Many hosting providers and enterprise business have been useind cloud server hosting for quite some time and the technology has been quite successful with storage, applications and hosting. Bad virtual images can increase management issues, decrease agility, and interfere with the benefit of the cloud. You will need a better constructed virtual image to avoid any pitfalls in cloud computing. Some of the signs are :

Any virtualization platform needs a reliable virtual image for an envrionment. A basic virtual image not optimized for new updates and patches cannot be a reliable one. Constant change requires constant update and validation and testing of the image along with customization to match the changes of a virtual environment. read more

Microsoft Windows Server 8 and Hyper-V 3.0

As we all know Hyper- V is a virtualization technology for Windows platform and this new 3.0 version is specially developed for the Windows 8 client and Windows Server 8. Microsoft is going to offer this version as a stand alone product.

The key features of this operating system are:

  • It focuses more on virtualization with the update to hyper-v 3.0
  • High availability, simple management of multiple server platforms
  • Main vision is to focus on the cloud computing
  • More flexibility and simplicity to manage data and applications

However, hyper-v 3.0 is based an older version of hyper-v that creates a virtualization environment for multiple partitioning to run. The layer of hypervisor, or the parent partition actually enables the management of child partitions. In addition, hyper-V uses the term partition to refer to a virtualization layer that provides an separate environment in which guest OS and application can run. read more

Windows Server 8 and Windows Azure: Full of News

At the conference Microsoft unveiled Windows Server 8. This is the first server version which involved in between developers of Windows and Windows Azure team. You’ll find many concepts and elements of Azure in Windows Server 8.

The goals of Windows Server 8 is to create, deploy, administer private cloud, and cloud to the hybrid on Azure platform.

Microsoft Ad said:

  • Geo replication between data centers would be more easy with these new features included in platform.
  • Translator API is now available in marketplace to improve the translation of applications.
  • Windows SDK 1.5: This new API will assist to improve performance of monitoring, and remote desktop encryption.
  • Windows Azure Bus: The latest version with many improved features.
  • Toolkit for Windows Azure & Windows 8: Currently available for Windows Phone, IOS, Android will be available for Windows 8. ideal for applications metropolitan cities.
  • Demonstration Team Foundation (TFS) on Azure.
  • As of now in 25 countries Azure is available

Windows Server  8 incorporates Hyper-V 3.0, which will provide all the elements to create the private cloud. Virtualization is highlighted and the dynamic approach to its infrastructure. This v3 includes a new virtual disk format, the function VHDX Storage Spaces to create virtual storage volume on any physical storage anywhere. Above all, the virtual storage can be done over several physical volumes. read more

Technical and Legal Perspective of Cloud Server Hosting

The topic of cloud hosting will be discussed again in connection with questions of security and availability. Therefore today we are going to shed light on cloud computing security from a technical and legal perspective.

Analyze the applications, data, and processes

Not all the data you want to store in the cloud is subject to the Federal Data Protection. The theoretical possibility of obtaining permission of the authorized organization is not very practical, because that could indeed be revoked at any time. However, it’s essential to check whether the data matches the standard regulations of securities or not. Especially, when availability and performance is subject to matter. So one should always look at those applications and processes, and consider at what point cloud computing offers advantages or disadvantages. read more

VMware automated cloud computing

VMware has the new version 5 of the operating system vSphere announced. It serves to increase the performance of applications that increase the availability of virtualized applications and improve the automated management. This is a complementary set of cloud-computing software presented and launched an expanding vSphere storage offering for SMEs. On VMware Forum, a lot of clients participated, the news from VMware and its partners such as HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and Fujitsu have been declared.

Many people visited the VMware Forum in 2011. It was timed perfectly. Confident VMware CEO and President Paul Maritz commented the night before the biggest product launch of the VMware 5 version. “It’s the success of VMware, that is established standard for virtualization infrastructure. Virtualization of hardware under one roof understands detached computer systems. You can use flexible or fixed, assigned hardware resources, they need to accomplish their mission. This leads to greater utilization of computers and up to 80 percent less power consumption.” Maritz is born and raised in South Africa: he adapts to his biography and company image that is simultaneously. read more