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The Three levels of Cloud Computing : IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

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The cloud computing can be divided into three levels depending on the services offered by providers. From the innermost level to the outermost Cloud hosting services include: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. A brief description of each of these levels:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service)

“Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization placed ‘outside’ the equipment used to support operations, this includes information storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Service provider. IaaS is sometimes also referred to as Hardware as a Service or HaaS “ read more

Basics of Web Hosting in the Cloud.

With the quick rise in Cloud Computing use cases and user interest it wasn’t unusual for hosting to be done in the cloud as well. All the benefits of the cloud platform like flexibility, scalability and on-demand resources can be applied effectively to web hosting services and make it a much better alternative to traditional services.

To understand this better, we first look at what cloud computing is? Cloud Computing is the cluster of computers or servers clubbed together and the resources are offered in virtualized portions as requested by the users. This is supplied over the internet under the software as a service (SaaS) model of cloud computing. read more

What is the Difference between Cloud and Virtualization?

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Though cloud & virtualization are the buzzing words in the industry, however, still there are many people are who are still confuse about the concepts of cloud and virtualization. They are still not sure about the differences between both of them.

The concept of cloud hosting and virtualization is very common today. Most of the times people tend to link them with same things. However, the truth is that, both the concepts are different.

The virtualization is an new  IT model that has an ability to separate the core computing functions and technology implementations from the physical hardware of a dedicated server. While, the cloud is a service where computing resources, software’s or data as a service are shared via the Internet as completely opposed to virtualization, which is a part of a physical infrastructure. read more

bodHost Online Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Nowadays, everyone is talking about online cloud storage and cloud backup solutions. Let’s have a look at the cloud computing and the cloud-based solutions. Since 2008, the cloud computing technology has gained a grip on various organizations and enterprises that were looking for data backup solution offering greater flexibility. However, a fact that it is not always possible for every company to achieve increased cost benefits via the cloud-based backup services.

Online Cloud Storage

Recently, in the first quarter of 2013, a survey conducted by one of the best online IT media firm known as TechTarget, shown that around 56% of the cloud storage users are the subscribers of cloud-based data backup solutions and is ranked as the most popular cloud-based storage choice for people. Also, as per the IDC report, the data backup and archiving solutions are graded as the most ideal function for private and hybrid cloud and the secondly preferred for public cloud. However, people in the industry have also observed that most of the companies that are benefitting from cloud-based backup are the companies with smaller environments and with minimum data to back up. read more

How to Identify a Quality Cloud Hosting Provider?

In the last few months, various cloud computing and technology exhibitions were being held. Through these exhibitions it is clear that the cloud hosting industry is growing very rapidly along with the new emerging technologies and solutions being showcased at each event.

By observing the trends and the predictions done by industry’s leading market research, analysis and advisory firms such as IDC that, the cloud will comprise of $17.4 billion in I.T. purchases and grow to become a $44 billion market this year. There is no doubt that huge response from companies to such exhibitions gives out a positive feeling throughout the industry. read more

Know Cloud Computing And Keep Away From Delusion

In this rapid changing world in order to meet the changing needs of the business enterprise need to invest huge amount of money as well as time to scale up their IT infrastructure that includes hardware, software and services however, with unpremises IT structure the whole scaling up process of the enterprise can be slow and that is one reason why enterprise fails to achieve optimum utilization of their resources as well as IT infrastructure.

Now cloud computing technology results in a paradigm shift that provides computing resources over the internet. Most of us know that cloud computing brings benefits to all sizes of businesses. The cloud computing technologies not only eliminates the cost structure but also allows the businesses to focus on their core businesses. But before that you need to know certain facts about cloud computing. read more

Architecture of the Shared Cloud Environment

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eNlight Enterprise Cloud

The shared cloud is offered to promote affordable cloud hosting that is accessible to users of all abilities and businesses of any size so that they are able to reap the benefits of the reliability and security that the cloud platform can provide. eNlight cloud hosting from Bodhost utilizes one of the core principles of promoting affordability in the shared cloud – the pay-per-use concept; the definition of ‘pay-per-use’ in this context is that you will be paying for the resources that you wish to have allocated to your server or are using and nothing beyond that. Furthermore, the eNlight platform allows for the expansion of virtual machines with just a few clicks so that resources are assigned immediately; with this feature we can assure you that no downtime will be incurred when adjusting the resource arrangement on one of your virtual machines. read more

How can a private cloud solution benefit my business?

Cloud hosting services are designed to provide reliability that isn’t available with other web hosting services, with uptime guarantees of 100% available with some cloud hosting plans. Even though there is the possibility of network or hardware failure occurring in the cloud, the design of Bodhost’s cloud infrastructure ensures that there is no single point of failure so that is there is network or server failure somewhere within the cloud, there is no noticeable impact on the performance of operation of the cloud as a whole. read more

Introduction to Different Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is based around three different principles primarily, with all of them delivered in the context of a shared core environment. If you choose your own private cloud solution then IaaS, PaaS and SaaS won’t apply because you will control over the entire cloud, but if you opt for any other cloud solution offered by Bodhost then one of the following will come into play at some point.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The fundamental idea of IaaS-based cloud computing services is that the consumer will have access to the resources that form the virtual machine, along with some of the external resources that can affect the operation of virtual machines externally. For larger businesses having this level of control will put them in a position where they can develop complex infrastructures from within the cloud to support their web applications; the benefit of this is that they can reduce costs because achieving such infrastructures using physical networking hardware and dedicated servers can be an expensive business. read more

Hyper-V Cloud Computing

hyper-v cloud computing

As we all know, Microsoft Hyper-V is a virtualization solution which is mainly considered for windows cloud computing infrastructure.  As of now, Microsoft has two products for cloud solution: Windows Azure and Hyper-V. However, Microsoft realized that they needed to offer a single package solution for cloud infrastructure, particularly for dedicated private cloud as similar to VMware does. Therefore, “Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track” was introduced to fill the gap in the cloud line.

read more