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Cloud Computing Integration with Existing Infrastructure


Bridges with SI companies (systems Integrator) can be established through cloud computing. Various systems allow interconnecting with very secure applications that are already installed in the SI companies with applications hosted on cloud computing platforms.

This interconnection between the client and the solution addresses the following aspects:

Integrated Authentication of users: users must authenticate the same way they are used to with application while accessing applications hosted on cloud platforms. For this, SSO (single sign-On) solutions and identify services can be implemented within the company or through SAAS solutions. read more

Cloud computing infrastructure and operations management

Hosting your cloud hosting platform on virtualization delivers better business stability and reduces operating and other expense. You can easily manage higher infrastructure level.

Management of virtual and cloud servers infrastructure requires platform automation and integration solutions that includes performance, capacity and management of configuration.

Infrastructure setup on cloud computing improves operational efficiency and management. Cloud computing technology dynamically manages the nature of virtualization and infrastructure. It improves platform of embedded management and achieves approach towards achievement towards cloud infrastructure health. read more