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bodHost Online Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Nowadays, everyone is talking about online cloud storage and cloud backup solutions. Let’s have a look at the cloud computing and the cloud-based solutions. Since 2008, the cloud computing technology has gained a grip on various organizations and enterprises that were looking for data backup solution offering greater flexibility. However, a fact that it is not always possible for every company to achieve increased cost benefits via the cloud-based backup services.

Online Cloud Storage

Recently, in the first quarter of 2013, a survey conducted by one of the best online IT media firm known as TechTarget, shown that around 56% of the cloud storage users are the subscribers of cloud-based data backup solutions and is ranked as the most popular cloud-based storage choice for people. Also, as per the IDC report, the data backup and archiving solutions are graded as the most ideal function for private and hybrid cloud and the secondly preferred for public cloud. However, people in the industry have also observed that most of the companies that are benefitting from cloud-based backup are the companies with smaller environments and with minimum data to back up. read more