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ARM processors in a dedicated server hosting environment

You may not think that ARM processors stand a chance in bodHOST Dedicated Server Hosting environment, but there are stringent benefits with ARM processors in the web hosting industry, and for a start because they’re power-efficient compared to Intel and AMD processors. This means ARM-based devices have the following benefits:

Higher Battery Life and Reduced Cooling Requirements :

Devices with ARM processors have greater battery life and reduced cooling requirements because of the way ARM processors work. Which also means it doesn’t require the level of cooling an Intel or AMD processor would require. So for many devices with ARM processors, like smartphones and most of the popular tablet computers out there, such as the iPad and Android tablets, do not require cooling unlike an equivalent tablet with an Intel or AMD processor. In fact, the new Microsoft Surface tablet that also has a Pro model that comes with an Intel processor will have cooling and essentially air vents with it – but Microsoft has been able to do this in a way in which is unobtrusive to the end user. read more