Error 509 – Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

By | December 25, 2013

Error 509If you are getting this error on your website or got an error when visiting a website, you may not have realized the actual meaning of this error. Therefore, here are detailed explanations of the meaning of this error.

The error code 509 is a state (status code) of the web server, which despite being used by quite a few applications on web servers, not part of any standard or is defined in RFCs.

This is a generic error message that appears when the website where the message is shown, has reached its traffic limit (data transfer) defined.

When you subscribe to a web hosting service, your plan always associated with a traffic limit that is usually calculated every month. As the popularity of your website and purpose of it grows beyond your expectation, the monthly traffic should be a factor to consider when choosing your next hosting plan.

If you have a traditional hosting plan (Shared / Reseller / VPS / Dedicated server) with bodHOST, our system will automatically send you notification messages when you are close to the limit of monthly traffic of your website, so you can just contact us via Live chat or Phone or Submit a ticket to upgrade your service and subsequently to update your plan to one that has enough traffic to your website.

Although, this is not a case with our eNlight cloud hosting services as it automatically scales up or down required resources according to the requirements.

Some web hosting companies in the market promote plans with unlimited monthly traffic, which can cause even more problems than having a set limit and exceed monthly traffic. In many cases the servers cannot handle the traffic load in and out and become unresponsive due to lack of resources in the system. The bottom line is it is not unlimited traffic a good ally of technical limitations; despite being a marketing strategy used by many companies the truth is there is no such thing as unlimited.

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