Disaster Recovery (DR) System In Cloud Servers

By | April 26, 2013

Different business has different needs but all business aims for continuity. For every business disaster recovery is the best option if you want to avoid long downtime or delay.  In this world of information and  technology every business has a very sophisticated IT  structure  that keeps the business running smoothly and effectively .

Now every business takes precautions to protect their data by backing it  up or by making it safe in an off-site location but , imagine what if a disaster occurs, how long it will take  for you to retrieve your data from a safe location lets a say week or few days……till that time your company will be loosing its time and productivity.

In this fast changing world, no business can afford to waste it single precious minute. Therefore, many companies are moving to cloud based disaster recovery system. Cloud computing and its services have revolutionized the way in which businesses use to conduct its operations.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud Servers

The cloud server hosting not only provides the users with a scalable , flexible  and agile solution but also provide an efficient disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery (DR) system in the cloud servers aims at protecting the critical data and provide continuity in business.

The disaster recovery plan in the cloud is much better than the traditional DR solution. Disaster recovery in cloud server  gives your organization the flexibility to have a reliable DR solution at a much lesser  cost than the traditional disaster recovery  however, traditional disaster recovery solutions are complex to set up and are much very expensive.

Disaster recovery is highly cost effective solution as it  works on “pay per use” model and also eliminates the need for large upfront capital investment to build a secondary DR site. A cloud based disaster recovery saves cost and it provides server utilizes with very low resources and enables the organisation to pay only for the resources that they have used while replicating the data. Apart from this, there is Less Setup & Recovery Time, Zero Infrastructure setup and maintenance costs. Thus, makes the disaster recovery services cost effective.

Cloud based disaster recovery offers fast recovery of data as a result the organization need  not spend days in retrieving the lost data. The organizational data can be immediately  replicated  with the help of multiple cloud servers located at different  locations.

Other benefits of deploying cloud based DR system is it offers scalability, since cloud offers scalability thus making disaster recovery in cloud scalable and guarantee 100% uptime. In a simple words, it will make the data available as fast as possible without any prolonged periods of downtime which  can result in loss of  revenue.

Thus for all these reason disaster recovery (DR)system in cloud is consider as the best option for the business.

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