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How Can You Take Care Of Your Virtual Private Server

There are many hosting plans in the web hosting market. Such as, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting but VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting is the most popular hosting plan of them. A large amount of people prefer VPS hosting for their business. Because users get a great level of reliability and security with a cheap price. To get better result users have to take care of their virtual servers. There are many ways to take care of virtual server, but we will discuss about some main points : read more

How To Save Money With bodHOST VPS Hosting

The successful growth rate of the business depends on the online market. So, after starting any business, the business owner wants to create an online presence. They can capture worldwide market through online business. The business has just started or the main attractions of the business owners are their core business so, they don’t have more budget to create website and hosting their website. On the other hand, the successful growth rate of the business depends on the website design and web hosting. So, they can’t afford security or uptime problem. read more

Which Would Be Suitable For Your Business: VPS Hosting Or VPN

Sometimes, many business owners face problems to take decisions about technical points because they don’t have much more technical knowledge and various technical terms are thrown around and naturally, they are likely to confuse some of them. There are many people who cannot differentiate between VPS hosting and VPN. Though the acronyms are very common, but they provide completely different services. Let’s get a brief idea about VPS hosting and VPN and also know that which would be better for you. read more

Let’s understand what is VMware ESX and ESXi ?

1. Service Console

VMware ESX : A standard Linux environment and a user has access to the VMware ESX Kernel. You can highly customize the environment by installation of agents and drives and even executing scripts.

VMware ESXi : With an aim to make server a computing appliance. It is mainly a firmware than old software like’s. It provides hardware security and reliability. It does not support advanced access envrionment. In this case, to enable any interactions with the agents, VMware provides CIM providers through monitoring and management can be done. VMware also provisions RCLI to allow execution of scripts. read more

What are the HW and Firmware requirement for 64-bit guest OS’s on VMware Cloud Hosting ?

Vmware Hardware virtualization technique initially utilized different segments to deliver isolation between guest OS and VM monitor. It’s important as the gues OS and VM machine monitor share the linear address space.

In order to view if your CPU is appropriate for running 64-bit guess OS, VMware provides a free utility which can be downloaded from their site and seems quite useful. Although, no support is provided from VMware and also does not require any VMware server or VMware Workstation. read more

Simple Steps To Install phpMychat Script Manually

PhpMychat is a chat room, which is based on PHP or MYSQL script. If users have VPS hosting and they want to install this php based chat room, then they can go through the following steps :

1. Open the link :

2. Download :

3. Enter the directory where the users want to install that particular filed. The users have to keep in mind that the directory must be the top-level directory on his or her website.

4. Specify the database:
Name of database :
Username :
Yes to password :yes
Enter Password :
Confirm Password :
Host :localhost
Yes to create :yes
Create Another :no
Exit :0 read more

Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS (Part- II)

About Linux Hosting

If any user’s website is developed with open-source software and they want to find out any open-source operating system then Linux VPS hosting would be suitable for them. In case of Linux VPS hosting, the operating system Linux is very compatible with PHP.

Linux is like a playing field for programmers across the world- as a result we see countless applications being created, modified and tested constantly. So it proves that Linux hosting always keeps the window open to let in fresh air of modern revelation. As per this point of view nothing beats Linux hosting for an avid user. read more