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Dell EqualLogic Hybrid Arrays for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

If you are one of those who always keep an eye on new technology updates, then you surely know the benefits offered by Desktop Virtualization. If you are still unaware about this form of technology, then you must read this article. Desktop Virtualization or in short VDI simplify the management tasks and reduce the costs. These potential TCO (Total Cost Ownership) benefits are mainly noteworthy, but VDI deployments still often require you to make an up-front investment in new hardware and software. Particularly, the cost and management associated with storage for VDI deployments can be a big challenge, as you need to consider a solution that can handle the performance and capacity requirements that come along with VDI. read more

Are We Really Ready for the Immense Business Opportunities Heading Your Way?

U.S. consumers to spend $327 billion online in 2016


That’s true, according to a research carried out by Forrester, it’s been estimated that by 2016 US consumers would spend approximately $327 billion online. So get ready for the immense opportunity that’s heading your way and grab them by optimizing your eCommerce website. Well, if you haven’t built an eStore yet, now is the time. Register a domain name today and take the first step of being an entrepreneur.

Let’s consider certain factors that can boost visitor experience and help you boost success from your eCommerce store. read more

Starting up Business Venture, The Cost Efficient Way – Business Tips For Success


After a recent news update featuring a study wherein approximately 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs, we thought of writing something that can help these new entrepreneurs know about the different aspects to consider when starting a business with limited resources in hand.

Despite the differences in geographic locations, one thing that’s common is the limited resources when starting up a business venture. Resources that range from finance to human resources. At the time of starting up a new business, making huge investments cannot always be a feasible choice. And with the current scenario of spiking financial conditions world-wide, it’d not be a good decision too, instead we can concentrate on investing in places where there is comparatively lower risk of loss by keeping investments to bare minimal. read more

Ensuring Uptime and Achieving Maximum IT Infrastructure Dependability


An increasing volume of Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) are established every month in the US. Similar are the trends observed across the globe with more and more individuals registering their firms and procuring licenses from respective governments to carry out operations online. Under such a scenario it becomes crucial to maintain a dependable IT infrastructure to ensure maximum availability of businesses.

According to a recent news update from Yahoo, nearly 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs. Hence inorder to ensure this, service providers would now need to stay on toes to maintain their infrastructures at top operational conditions and offer a problem free existence to businesses new and old. read more

Twitter Introduces its Analytics Feature.

After successfully introducing Twitter Ads, the micro-blogging site has also introduced an Analytics feature coupled with its advertising service to make it convenient for users to assess the performance of their campaign and monitor their tweets.

The Analytics feature can be found on the top bar when a user logs in to the Twitter Ads account. Using the Analytics one can get hold of valuable data about the users and their activity on Twitter.

Analytics for Twitter Ads

Using Analytics one can get information about the number of people who followed and unfollowed the users and the amount of times they were mentioned recently. Furthermore it also provides data about the performance of their recent tweets based on the number of retweets, favorites or replies the tweets have received. read more

Key To Get Success In Your Online Business

There are countless business owners in the world. Some of them are new and small business owners and some of them are old and big business owners. Now internet is a very easy option for all so, maximum of them business owners want to create an online presence. Business owners have to follow some important points to get success in online business. Those are as follows :
* Choose a proper web hosting plan.
* Choose a proper operating system.
* Choose a proper web hosting provider.

* Choose a proper web hosting plan :
There are many types of web hosting. Such as:
Shared hosting: In case of shared hosting, many websites are hosted in a same physical server. Means, many customers are share the same physical server and resources. This web hosting is the cheapest hosting plan in the hosting market. If you have a low budget for hosting your website then you can choose this hosting plan.
VPS hosting : VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting is a middle option of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In case of VPS hosting, more than one virtual server is created in a single server. Means, more than one customers share a single server but they can install any software or reboot their virtual server as they wish. VPS users get more flexibility than shared hosting users. If you have little bit more budget than shared hosting then you can choose VPS hosting. read more

Barracuda Application Firewall

The barracuda web application firewall is a powerful protection of application layer security for web servers. This application firewall protects your website from flood attacks by strengthening the capacity of the protocols and vulnerable applications to better detect unauthorized access, data theft, denial of service or degradation of your website. Unlike other firewalls or intrusion detection systems that pass directly through traditional http, https, or ftp to web applications – barracuda web application firewall prevents hackers from gaining direct access to web servers by using the feature proxy for that traffic. read more

Know More About Domain Name (Part-I)

* What is Domain name?
All domain names are formed by the rules and regulations of DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System. Domain names are used to identify one or more IP addresses and also identify a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control in the Internet.

* What are the advantages of own domain?

1. It would be very easy to find out. Like : is more easy to remember than
2. You get a more professional image in the market with it.
3. You can utilize various Email “aliases”. Every Email message affirms your name, eg [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
4. If you want to change your hosting provider, remove ‘in that case’ you can do that very easily with your own domain.
5. Your website would be search engine friendly.
6. You would get good rank in search engine listings. read more

Social Media – a Growing Trend in Online Business

Social media is the latest trend of online marketing and business. A lot of large organizational groups are getting involved in this platform, as this is the largest world wide web phenomenon these days. The development with the www and its popularity and availability produced social media social media a highly successful platform.

There are many rumors and criticism against these sites, but the fact is no one can deny the innovations that FaceBook and the latest new comer Google+ providing to the business world. The leading social media site FaceBook acquiring the biggest market share in this industry which also lead to a lot down-falls to other social networking sites. This specifically consists to some giants like Myspace, Twitter, etc..and due this reason Google entered into the social media sector to grab the new opportunities in this field. read more