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Dedicated Server Windows 2008

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 is the basic solution with reference to a Windows Dedicated Server. It provides a great performance with astonishing features for your personal or business requirements. offers a large range of windows dedicated servers with all versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. You can choose the Web Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and Data Center Edition.

The dedicated server windows and offer many features, such as:

  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS 6.0 and 7.0) that offers great performance.
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Fully compatible with Plesk control panel developed by Parallels.
  • Supports multiple scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, cgi-bin, Python, etc …
  • Scripting mail components (ASPEmail, ASPmail, Jmail, CDOSYS, etc …)
  • RDP access through particular IP addresses by using windows default firewall
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • etc …

Read the following different characteristics of each edition of Windows 2008 and one you should choose: read more

Google and security of it’s data centers

Google secures it’s hardware in it’s data centers which are similar to the pattern that bodhost follows to secure it’s hardware. Google secures it’s servers in complete darkness and technical staff operates with lights on their heads. The servers are completely in secured environment. A massive computing facilities serve the biggest internet providers. They have built custom-built gears for all technical staff and only few have access to the servers.

Google and bodhost data centers aim to save more power in their data centers and secured by the best security appliances and access to the data centers. read more

Uses Of Grep Command In Unix And Linux Server

Uses Of Grep Command In Unix And Linux Server

The name, “grep” is indicative of the operation which this command performs. It is executed using the Unix/Linux text editor ed: g/re/p

* grep Command Syntax

grep'word' filename
grep'string1 string2'  filename
cat otherfile | grep'something'
command | grep'something'
command option1 | grep'data'
grep --color 'data' fileName

* Way To Search File With grep Command :

Search /etc/passwd for boo user:
$ grep boo /etc/passwd

User can force grep to ignore word case. Such as, match boo, Boo, BOO and another combination with -i option:
$ grep -i "boo" /etc/passwd read more

Xen vs KVM

Just for a testing purpose I used Xen almost a year to consolidate my dedicated server, initially dual core and now quad core. First I used Xen VM migration feature which was allowed me to have a separate solution on a server to use DEV. After switching to Core2Duo, I took an advantage of virtualization for consolidation and disconnected the the four large machines that are now just more than a small NAS.

Recently, I decided to upgrade to a Core2Quad before the technology changed. Even though the principle defined for motherboard / cpu to 45nm demands high end servers. read more

HP ProLiant G6 – x86 Server line in Nehalem

x86 servers of HP ProLiant G6 are based on the popular Intel Xeon 5500 series. HP is a global market leader and their x86 servers promise doubled performance as compared to previous generations while offering serious cost saving.

A series of sensors control points of the servers to adapt the operation of the components and ensure optimal cooling, while the power supplies can be refined as needed. Finally, the mode HP Dynamic Power Capping distributes energy resources and cooling according to the real needs of each server. read more

Discussions Continue For The Future of Dedicated Server Hosting

Since the last few years cloud hosting environment is a subject which is grabbing attention more than any other hosting solution. However, when it comes to the comparison between cloud and dedicated server, traditional dedicated hosting is still as competitive as cloud environment.

There are lot of reasons that will suggest you to adopt cloud over other options, even I have mentioned some of those reasons in my previous posts. But necessarily, there are some of you out there who need a dedicated server, but you are confused whether to choose dedicated or cloud. read more

US Dedicated Servers

People often think about hosting a dedicated server, because when the client have own dedicated box it can generally be administered as it wants to be, which is the main advantage of this hosting type. The provider of dedicated box remains the owner of the server. However, the price is much higher than rest of the hosting plans, and the client should have some decent skills to administer the server properly.

Find a dedicated server in the United States:

Imagine you have a video sharing site like YouTube with over 50000 visitors per day and over 10000 videos. A simple shared hosting or even VPS hosting will not be able to cope up with such a great amount of traffic. You will definitely need a dedicated server. read more

Root Access To Dedicated Server

A server root access or root server gives you the full power to your own server with the maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring the web server.

Comparison of the service provider and server root access rates in the following area:

Root-Server Comparison

Root access of the server to the client is always in question, but to offer maximum freedom to clients a lot of web hosting companies offer this privilege. This step is practical as well, because whenever client wants to install his own scripts and don’t have patience to wait then giving them the server access usually is the right choice for the web host. In addition, administrator of the hosting company is able to obtain rights on your server and can make all the settings which you should opt for a root server. read more

Virtual Dedicated Server

To be able to offer our customers the ultimate hosting solutions, BODHost US Web Hosting service provider turned to virtualization technology one step ahead than others. We now offer scalable virtual dedicated server hosting services.

This service offers the advantages of dedicated server hosting and the flexibility of a virtualized environment: one or more machines are configured upon the same physical infrastructure. Each virtual machine has its own operating system on its own processing power, its own memory and its own dedicated storage. read more

VPS Web Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting

If you use shared hosting and your site is getting slower lately especially when you have many visitors, then it’s time for you to upgrade your shared account on VPS hosting or rent a dedicated server. Note:  before you upgrade your account, you need to understand what VPS and dedicated hosting is. So you will not make a mistake while upgrading to the service to next level.

Here is a review for each service.

VPS, as the name suggest a server that runs on a virtual environment. While a host server is partitioned and each partition performs a VPS server, this type of accommodation is more powerful than shared hosting because you have more resources that are dedicated to you. VPS acts like a complete server so that you can install OS of your choice and able to install any application that you want. read more