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Are We Really Ready for the Immense Business Opportunities Heading Your Way?

U.S. consumers to spend $327 billion online in 2016


That’s true, according to a research carried out by Forrester, it’s been estimated that by 2016 US consumers would spend approximately $327 billion online. So get ready for the immense opportunity that’s heading your way and grab them by optimizing your eCommerce website. Well, if you haven’t built an eStore yet, now is the time. Register a domain name today and take the first step of being an entrepreneur.

Let’s consider certain factors that can boost visitor experience and help you boost success from your eCommerce store. read more

Starting up Business Venture, The Cost Efficient Way – Business Tips For Success


After a recent news update featuring a study wherein approximately 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs, we thought of writing something that can help these new entrepreneurs know about the different aspects to consider when starting a business with limited resources in hand.

Despite the differences in geographic locations, one thing that’s common is the limited resources when starting up a business venture. Resources that range from finance to human resources. At the time of starting up a new business, making huge investments cannot always be a feasible choice. And with the current scenario of spiking financial conditions world-wide, it’d not be a good decision too, instead we can concentrate on investing in places where there is comparatively lower risk of loss by keeping investments to bare minimal. read more

Ensuring Uptime and Achieving Maximum IT Infrastructure Dependability


An increasing volume of Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) are established every month in the US. Similar are the trends observed across the globe with more and more individuals registering their firms and procuring licenses from respective governments to carry out operations online. Under such a scenario it becomes crucial to maintain a dependable IT infrastructure to ensure maximum availability of businesses.

According to a recent news update from Yahoo, nearly 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs. Hence inorder to ensure this, service providers would now need to stay on toes to maintain their infrastructures at top operational conditions and offer a problem free existence to businesses new and old. read more

Clouds Future By 2015 : A Gartner Prediction and Its Interpretation

The term ‘Cloud’ isn’t new to anyone anymore. Neither has it remained new within the IT Industry. Rather it’s one of the most trending terms over the Internet today. The technology that was thought to be, was a couple of dedicated servers connected together within a single network, which resulted in the pooling of resources together. But today it has out-grown its core concept and has now evolved into a technology for just about everything. Where it was initially considered to be an IaaS & PaaS, now it’s SaaS, BYOD, Cloud of SAP, Cloud for ERP, Cloud for Storage and what not. read more

Setting Up WordPress on a Windows PC using WAMP Server

We’ve come across many enthusiasts, noobs & testers who’ve enquired about the ways to setting-up WordPress on a Windows based PC. So, for those who aren’t aware, setting-up WordPress locally would mean setting-up a local server or a localhost. There may be a number of reasons why anyone would want to do that in the first place. Some might me a theme developer who’d probably want to test the theme locally before making it live over the web, while others might be developing a plugin for WordPress which they’d like to test run before releasing it to the store. read more