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Paul Lopez, a technology writer and sales & marketing executive at, a cloud & dedicated server hosting company based in New Jersey.

Cloud computing – Is this the way the IT industry is headed?

cloud computing vs dedicated servers

Will cloud computing solutions replace the dedicated server hosting? Well this question you might have seen on many websites and it is obvious because everyone is talking about it as more companies’ even start-ups are using or willing to use cloud solutions. So is this the way the IT industry is headed?

In my personal opinion – NO

Most of the authors’ opinions are actually based on Gartner’s predictions; a leading technology research company. If you read articles based on their research you will see a massive amount of companies are shifting from dedicated servers to cloud computing. But there are certain applications and use cases that will require dedicated hardware for a while, for example banking systems. read more

Discover the freedom of your personal cloud with Ubuntu Virtualization

ubuntu cloud server

Definitions Server Virtualization Tools Virtualization Workstation tools Virtualized Ubuntu OS


a. Multiple technologies exist:
b. Emulation
c. Binary Translation
d. Para-Virtualization
e. Containment
f. Multiple views
g. Server
h. Workstation
i. Virtual Machine

Several states allow us to meet the requirements of the technology:

Supported Maintained Free

Various functions can be required:

Migration Live Migration Snapshot Backup and Restore Dynamic Allocation Dynamic Deployment Nested Virtualization PCI Shortcut

Server Virtualization Platforms:

OpenVZ Xen KVM VMWare Linux vServer

KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine):

The choice of Ubuntu for server Virtualization The most effective technology No special kernel required Easier to maintain (fewer lines of code) Includes optimizations Virtio for the supporting OS Virtualization requires hardware support All processors with AMD-V or Intel-VT Free (in the kernel), maintained and supported Functions:

a) Migration
b) Backup / Restore
c) Dynamic Allocation
d) Can be controlled from libvirt (virt-manager)


Available for Ubuntu 12.04LTS, also for 8.04 Para-Virtualization or Virtualization Supports most OS with AMD-V or Intel VT Only modified Para-Virtualization OS Requires a specific kernel (huge patches included in the slow kernel) Free, maintained by the community for the host most part, maintenance and Canonical Support limited to client mode. Functions:

a) Migration
b) Backup / Restore
c) Dynamic Allocation
d) Can be controlled from libvirt (virt-manager) read more

Cloud computing – sometimes yes, and sometimes no


All studies and key informant interviews with countless suppliers and others demonstrated the phenomenon of cloud computing which is just out of the starting blocks, so sometimes hesitant, sometimes bewildering, but everyone agrees that it will profoundly change the way we use IT.

Ask ten people a definition of cloud computing and you will get ten different answers. Cloud computing is becoming a phenomenon in which many have not even passed the trend. In a recent European study by, it appeared that nearly 75% of companies are still not convinced of the usefulness of the cloud, while 17% see it is as a technology trend destined to a short life. A mere 11% believe it has an evolution in hosting which is durable. read more

Server Infrastructure Optimization– Strategy and Planning

Server Infrastructure Optimization

Practices to reduce IT operating costs: This blog post shows how a company can reduce costs of its IT operations and improve the efficiency of IT resources by optimizing its main infrastructure and adopting the best practices in the operations of servers. The practices described are effective to reduce operating costs and free up resources (human and financial) they offer and add value to the company and its customers.


Even in the best of times, IT managers face multiple challenges; providing excellent services 24×7 with limited budget makes things a little bit difficult to manage. Studies by different analysts indicate that about 80% of the companies IT budget usually devoted to the operations and maintenance. This leaves only 20% for IT innovation which is yet one factor increasing the values of the companies. In these uncertain economic times, with tight budgets, this ratio may change in favor of the operations and maintenance, which reduces the share for the improvement of services for the companies. read more

Cloud Computing Integration with Existing Infrastructure


Bridges with SI companies (systems Integrator) can be established through cloud computing. Various systems allow interconnecting with very secure applications that are already installed in the SI companies with applications hosted on cloud computing platforms.

This interconnection between the client and the solution addresses the following aspects:

Integrated Authentication of users: users must authenticate the same way they are used to with application while accessing applications hosted on cloud platforms. For this, SSO (single sign-On) solutions and identify services can be implemented within the company or through SAAS solutions. read more

SQL Server – Export / Import a diagram


A lot of people believe that in SQL Server it is not possible to import or export a diagram of a database to another database. And there are quite a few who ranked this issue among the disadvantages of SQL Server.

But I inform you that it is possible to Export / Import a database diagram in SQL Server. Here I give you the steps to follow so you can import or export a diagram of a database to another database.

read more

CMS DotNetNuke 7.0 – More Modern and Professional

dnn hosting

Easy, simple, and professional, DotNetNuke 7.0 is getting stronger.  Those who do not know this solution yet, should try at-least once.

Content management systems are an important part of the Internet world and DotNetNuke (DNN) is a product available under BSD open source license. So this is the great opportunity for those webmasters, who are looking for Windows based CMS platform.

Menu, a completely redesigned control panel, which is capable of  managing the content and a rich text editor functions, backup and automatic update (with display differences). Furthermore it also has  the ability to share content between multiple instances CMS, etc.. read more