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Google and security of it’s data centers

Google secures it’s hardware in it’s data centers which are similar to the pattern that bodhost follows to secure it’s hardware. Google secures it’s servers in complete darkness and technical staff operates with lights on their heads. The servers are completely in secured environment. A massive computing facilities serve the biggest internet providers. They have built custom-built gears for all technical staff and only few have access to the servers.

Google and bodhost data centers aim to save more power in their data centers and secured by the best security appliances and access to the data centers. read more

Microsoft and Citrix-Dell virtual desktop infrastructure – cloud servers

Microsoft windows 2008 server is about to launch next generation virtual desktop infrastructure which include pooled desktops, personal desktops and remote desktops. You can mix a deployment of virtual infrastructure to meet your organizational needs and manage them from one console. All virtual infrastructure are developed on Hyper-V platform which are easy in installation and configuration with one centralized management console and RemoteFX for WAN improvements.

Citrix-dell about to ship a turn-key virtual desktop infrastructure in a box. It aims at all small-medium businesses and support number of desktops running on Dell servers. read more

Cloud web hosting applications

Cloud web hosting servers can easily enable and run any application from every virtual machine providing better efficiency for them to run with built-in controls over the application at each service level. You can increase your availability of your applications by hosting them on your infrastructure, storages and management.

cloud application techniques by bodhost, you can eliminate the need to scheduled downtime and applications can keep running even when you are carrying out live migrations or running any other services. read more

Cloud hosting storage

Cloud hosting is quite good for efficient storage utilization of storage in virtual environment. Storages can easily be load-balancing depending on what type of storage you would host on cloud web servers.

You can even definer every user for storage and deployment which are normally done “On the fly” and you can simply run or complete patches and update images and scheduling patches.

Cloud storage can also define priority access to storage setup on high-performance cluster file system which can read through the complexity of storage hardware from applications. read more

Cloud hosting services scalability

You can add or remove CPU’s, memory and virtual storage and network devices from virtual machines when required. It can also manager loads of applications and increases or decrease when required. Hot-add’s enables to be added to cloud servers without downtimes or interruptions of services.

Cloud clustering services

Cloud clusters can manage various types of different cluster infrastructure depending upon the cloud environment. It is completely different from a single dedicated server where if the dedicated server fail, all your application and software fail. In case of cloud clusters, high-end server nodes are designed to manage and equally distribute load amongst each server nodes. This achieves redundancy and flexibility which is not possible with dedicated servers supported on both linux and windows clusters. On a cloud environment, you can manage your linux as well as windows cloud servers read more

Cloud web hosting features

Cloud web hosting services are well known today and most enterprise companies prefer cloud web servers for their operations and businesses. It is secure, reliable and highly available. Cloud web servers are best in features when compared to another cloud computing services.

Some of the known features of cloud servers are :

1. Highly scalable : You can easily deploy and increase your resources of your cloud computing services at any time. That is you can increases the bandwidth, processing power and storage and which is more cost effective for any project. read more

How to maintain control with private cloud server hosting ?

You can easily deploy your servers, but you cannot compromise your security or access to your resources. Bodhost eNlight hosting cloud computing services offers a unique host-based traffic technology which is distributed in the virtual infrastructure. It enables all virtual networks and protects hosts at every level delivering high quality of service. With bodhost cloud hosting services, you can easily carry out live migrations on your private cloud platform maintaining all security policies.

However, deployment requires compliance control and access policies and can be controlled with automation over the resource. One controls consumption of resources and other controls workflows and limits that are provisioned. The virtual infrastructure also generates usage reports. read more

What is a private cloud server hosting ?

Bigger business units have now started utilizing private clouds. Private cloud server hosting benefits enterprises :

a. Efficiently share infrastructure and service high requests.
b. Enabling workload and management accross multiple clouds.
c. On-demand provisioning

With BODDHost, eNlight cloud server hosting services, you can easily deploy private clouds and improve efficiency, scalability and benefits without much investment.

What the emerging challenges of cloud data center hosting ?

Today, data centers face a lot of challenges when we speak of virtualization and traditional-based hosting. Over a period of time, data centers have acquired a lot of hardware servers which requires a lot of investment to be covered with revenue. But with the introduction of virtualization, the utilization of these hardware has been minimal which means slower recovery of revenue. However, most of the data centers providers are now deploying their existing hardware into virtualization with many challenges due to the technology that have evolved over time. read more