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The Benefits of VPS Monitoring

Virtual Private Servers (commonly referred to as VPS), act like dedicated servers but are instead serving multiple users. Each user can run different operating systems or hosting software.Hosting software for VPS may included a mail server, web server or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program.

Such programs make it possible for your site to become “interactive” so-to-speak. eCommerce sites as well as blog sites rely on hosting VPS software to function accordingly. Furthermore, Virtual private servers are great for companies who need a website tailored to their needs but cannot afford a dedicated server.Which leads us to another point; VPS monitoring. read more

Enterprise organizations and cloud hosting server infrastructure

The requirement to deliver on-demand services on cloud platform with high degree of efficiency and flexibility are leading many IT organizations to evolve from basic server hardware infrastructure to cloud computing.

It also enables many IT organizations organize themselves to the exact computing power and capacity required for support products and services. Cloud infrastructures allow third-party cloud services to be hoested with minimal investment. It is very important to understand the IT infrastructure. read more

Cloud computing service providers and their limitations

Cloud computing is a very wide term and doesn’t cover all IT infrastructure. There are bigger challenges of migrating complex infrastructures and computes to virtual environment or cloud. You will need to consider a lot of variations while preparing a public or private cloud computing. The consideration includes increasing complexity and ever-growing data or databases.

Also, you need to know which applications need to be networked and what operating system you would probably need to run the environment. Technology have evolved over a period of time, but placement of those technologies at the right place is important or you would be loosing a lot of business due to downtime, loss of data and other factors. read more

How to host Emails on cloud servers ?

When any enterprise hosts on a cloud server, you will definitely need an email server to be hosted. Many cloud hosting providers now offer domain name along with email servers.

With email hosted on your cloud server, you can choose many features such as if you want to keep your data on the server or on your local machine. You can also install many open source free softwares and migration of emails are easier with lcoud servers. Also, cloud hosting providers also offer free upgrades and custom-branding on your own email server. read more

Virtual Image for cloud computing web services

The foundation of any cloud computing is virtual image. Many hosting providers and enterprise business have been useind cloud server hosting for quite some time and the technology has been quite successful with storage, applications and hosting. Bad virtual images can increase management issues, decrease agility, and interfere with the benefit of the cloud. You will need a better constructed virtual image to avoid any pitfalls in cloud computing. Some of the signs are :

Any virtualization platform needs a reliable virtual image for an envrionment. A basic virtual image not optimized for new updates and patches cannot be a reliable one. Constant change requires constant update and validation and testing of the image along with customization to match the changes of a virtual environment. read more

Cloud applications, storage and web servers – emerging markets

Emerging markets today in Latin America and Asia pacific have shown a lot of usage in cloud computing applications than other markets in Europe and US counterpart.

The usage has been over 39% of the total cloud computing application in Latin America and 28% in Asia Pacific whereas it’s only 12% in Europe. Although, not much cloud applications have been developed but the usage is already higher than expected per a survey report.

Experts call it an inflection point in cloud computing and large corporate IT companies have benefited from it which cannot be ignored. There is a lot of scope in cloud computing technologies and applications and will continue to grow as opportunities to many IT companies. read more

How cloud storage integrates with mobile – smart phones ?

Now, cloud storage can easily be integrated to mobile and smart phones. Users will now be able to edit files and store them on cloud. Now, business process applications will be a lot easier with integration of cloud storage with smart phones.

Now, applications, documents edits, secure signatures, digital notes and PDF’s can easily be accessed with integration of mobile devices. This feature allows all enterprise business to make changes on the move and the innovation that has been understood the usage of mobile devices. read more

Cloud Hosting Services

Selling Cloud Hosting Services to Enterprise Businesses

Initially we have noticed that resource compliance concerns normally prevent customers from the adoption, or even thinking about cloud services so we decided to test the newly developed enLight platform which is based on IaaS structure. It allows the clients to allocate additional resources according to the needs easily. Even though our current cloud pricing model already fits into the competitive marketplace and this new cloud IaaS structure is going to allows us to offer more aggressive pricing. read more

Why do you need to backup cloud computing hosting servers ?

Cloud servers with access on-demand to resources with less management and automated methods can easily be deployed. It includes :

– Applications
– Servers
– Storage
– Blogs
– Presentations
– Mails
– Documents
– Chat software

You can access cloud servers from smart phones, tables, laptops and any other other computing devices. Many cloud service providers also offer backup service to acess data remotely and for business backup. With backup services, there are few issuess such as ownership, re-location of servers to cloud, security, reliability and uploading of data and cost effectiveness. read more

MS SQL cloud servers – private cloud computing

Private cloud web hosting is better than public cloud for enterprise business who would like to have their own virtual data center. A company owns complete control of it’s infrastructure and provides more flexibility and scalability.

Your private cloud servers can be designed to compute power that matches business requirements. It enables resources on a virtual machines and be moved between hosts to manage workloads.

Microsoft infrastructures, micrsofot system center virtual machine manager 2012 is a the platform that enables private cloud but we need to understand if a MS SQL server can match to a private cloud. SQL server clusters are setup to increase availability, but they are not designed to increase scalability. But, you can create partitioned databases for different databases. But you cannot simply add a server to a cluster, but you have to careful and re-design the structure of the databases to make sure each applications connect to the right database on a SQL server cluster. read more