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Starting up Business Venture, The Cost Efficient Way – Business Tips For Success


After a recent news update featuring a study wherein approximately 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs, we thought of writing something that can help these new entrepreneurs know about the different aspects to consider when starting a business with limited resources in hand.

Despite the differences in geographic locations, one thing that’s common is the limited resources when starting up a business venture. Resources that range from finance to human resources. At the time of starting up a new business, making huge investments cannot always be a feasible choice. And with the current scenario of spiking financial conditions world-wide, it’d not be a good decision too, instead we can concentrate on investing in places where there is comparatively lower risk of loss by keeping investments to bare minimal. read more

Ensuring Uptime and Achieving Maximum IT Infrastructure Dependability


An increasing volume of Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB) are established every month in the US. Similar are the trends observed across the globe with more and more individuals registering their firms and procuring licenses from respective governments to carry out operations online. Under such a scenario it becomes crucial to maintain a dependable IT infrastructure to ensure maximum availability of businesses.

According to a recent news update from Yahoo, nearly 48% Americans want to be Entrepreneurs. Hence inorder to ensure this, service providers would now need to stay on toes to maintain their infrastructures at top operational conditions and offer a problem free existence to businesses new and old. read more

An Insight On The Prominent Threats To An eCommerce Website

eCommerce website, web hosting servers

The main aspect of an online store website that determines the success is ‘customer satisfaction’. It is important to ensure that the website is set up perfectly and functions efficiently. Having an impressive eCommerce website is extremely important in providing people with the most extravagant and authentic online shopping experience. It is crucial to consider certain important factors for ensuring that you have the most perfect eCommerce website. As uptime is a critical factor, the website hosting servers must be selected after analyzing the website requirements thoroughly. Apart from that, it is important to be aware of some possible threats to an eCommerce website for ensuring maximum security and maintaining the efficiency. read more

Zimbra or Exchange email servers – which is better?

Email servers are an important consideration for businesses regardless of size because email constitutes a form of communication that is used by employees to communicate with one another much in the same way that they will be using it communicate with customers. As email is likely to be one of the most used IT components in your business, it is important for you to invest in an infrastructure that will be able to handle every message that you receive and can offer the capacity required by your employees for the storage of their messages. In an enterprise environment there are two servers that provide a number of features based around a core email platform, these being Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange Server. Whilst Zimbra is available as an open source platform, both email servers offer commercial variants for larger organisations; here we will discuss the commercial variants and the features offered, concluding with which is the best system. read more

Why are Bodhost dedicated servers the best for resource intensive websites?

Resource intensive websites often come about as a result of high demand and popularity. A resource intensive website requires a high specification dedicated server if it is to remain available because a hosting environment capable of dealing with the loads experienced is a necessity. Bodhost offers a range of dedicated servers to cater to businesses of all sizes; with dual core dedicated servers aimed at small businesses and servers that featuring dual processors for the most resource intensive of applications. Whilst choosing a high specification dedicated server from the outset might be one way of playing it safe, you will find that you are lumped with large allocations of resources that you aren’t using and therefore you’re wasting money. Choosing Bodhost for dedicated server hosting will give you access to a sales team that will work with you to fully evaluate your requirements in order to deliver a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs. read more

Server Infrastructure Optimization– Strategy and Planning

Server Infrastructure Optimization

Practices to reduce IT operating costs: This blog post shows how a company can reduce costs of its IT operations and improve the efficiency of IT resources by optimizing its main infrastructure and adopting the best practices in the operations of servers. The practices described are effective to reduce operating costs and free up resources (human and financial) they offer and add value to the company and its customers.


Even in the best of times, IT managers face multiple challenges; providing excellent services 24×7 with limited budget makes things a little bit difficult to manage. Studies by different analysts indicate that about 80% of the companies IT budget usually devoted to the operations and maintenance. This leaves only 20% for IT innovation which is yet one factor increasing the values of the companies. In these uncertain economic times, with tight budgets, this ratio may change in favor of the operations and maintenance, which reduces the share for the improvement of services for the companies. read more

Ways To Enhance The Speed Of Your WordPress Site – An Insight

wordpress, website speed, web hosting, wordpress website

Many website owners prefer creating their website/blog through the WordPress platform, the main reason behind this is that it is simple and no technical skills are required. Once the backend setup is completed, all you have to do is add content as per your preferences. As the time passes, the website becomes rich with content, plugins, images, extensions and other important aspects. WordPress provides the perfect framework through which you can enhance the reader experience.

One of the potential problems that might harm the functioning of your WordPress website is the slowing down of the site. If anyone finds the title of your website interesting and clicks on it and in case he/she has to wait for a lot of time to view the content, the user will get annoyed. The page load time is an extremely important factor from the point of view of the search engines as well. Preferably, you must keep a watch on the page load time of your website, this can be done effectively through the ‘Google’s Page Speed Insights’ tool. Through this tool you will be able to understand the areas of the website that need improvisation in terms of reducing the load time. read more

Does Bodhost support CDN – Content Delivery Networks?

bodHOST CDN Servers

Content delivery networks are large networks of servers distributed around the Internet with the sole intention of serving the content of third parties to end-users. This content can take the form of website media including graphics and sounds, downloadable items such as software and documents, live streaming services and social networks. CDNs are most beneficial to organisations running websites where the average visitor is demanding large amounts of data because CDN networks are specially optimised to cope with these large data requests; furthermore, outsourcing CDN services to external suppliers gives organisations a chance to reduce their hosting bills. Rather than having the servers on which a CDN runs based in a single data centre, these servers are often distributed throughout multiple data centres for improved performance and redundancy. If there is an issue with one data centre that is impacting the CDN for example, the servers in other data centres can meet the shortfall in power until the situation is rectified. In terms of performance, distributing the CDN around the world means that users from different parts of the globe can be served content from the server that geographically closest to them so that they aren’t faced with slow access speeds. read more

Twitter Introduces its Analytics Feature.

After successfully introducing Twitter Ads, the micro-blogging site has also introduced an Analytics feature coupled with its advertising service to make it convenient for users to assess the performance of their campaign and monitor their tweets.

The Analytics feature can be found on the top bar when a user logs in to the Twitter Ads account. Using the Analytics one can get hold of valuable data about the users and their activity on Twitter.

Analytics for Twitter Ads

Using Analytics one can get information about the number of people who followed and unfollowed the users and the amount of times they were mentioned recently. Furthermore it also provides data about the performance of their recent tweets based on the number of retweets, favorites or replies the tweets have received. read more

Best Tips For Faster Loading Web Sites

The following are key points to speed up your website load time. All these practices are based on the fact that only 10 to 20 percent of the total end user response time is being spent getting the HTML document to the browser. We need to focus on the other 80 to 90 percent. If you want your pages to get upload fast then follow these steps which are known as the best practices.

  1. Make a smaller amount of HTTP requests
  2. Use content delivery network such as MaxCDN
  3. Add an Expires Header
  4. Gzip Components
  5. Put Stylesheets at the Top
  6. Put scripts at the Bottom
  7. Try to avoid CSS Expression
  8. Make JavaScript and CSS External
  9. Reduce DNS Lookups
  10. Minify JavaScript
  11. Avoid Redirects
  12. Remote Duplicate script
  13. Configure Etags
  14. Make Ajax Cacheable

For more information you can check Steves Souders‘ blog site. There you will find a brief summary of the each rule along with comments. read more