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How to Identify a Quality Cloud Hosting Provider?

In the last few months, various cloud computing and technology exhibitions were being held. Through these exhibitions it is clear that the cloud hosting industry is growing very rapidly along with the new emerging technologies and solutions being showcased at each event.

By observing the trends and the predictions done by industry’s leading market research, analysis and advisory firms such as IDC that, the cloud will comprise of $17.4 billion in I.T. purchases and grow to become a $44 billion market this year. There is no doubt that huge response from companies to such exhibitions gives out a positive feeling throughout the industry. read more

What is Hadoop?


The Hadoop is an open source platform developed especially for processing and analyzing large volumes of data, whether structured or unstructured. The project is maintained by the Apache Foundation, but has the support of several companies such as Yahoo!, Facebook, Google and IBM.

It can be said that the project Hadoop began in 2002, and after working several months, Google released the Google File System paper in October 2003 and the MapReduce paper in December 2004.

The Google File System (GFS) – a file system specially prepared to handle distributed processing, as would be the case of a company like this, large volumes of data (in magnitudes of terabytes or even petabytes). read more

What is Big Data?

Big Data

Introduction to Big Data

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount and variety of data that we generate and store each day? Banks, airlines, telecom operators, search service, online retailers and networks are just some of the numerous examples of companies that live daily with large volumes of information. The issue is that only having data is not enough: it is important to get to know and use them. This is where the concept of Big Data comes into scene.

In this article, you will see what is Big Data, understand why this name become more present in the vocabulary of Information Technology environments and understand the reasons why the concept of Big Data is more important to the daily life of businesses. read more

Know Cloud Computing And Keep Away From Delusion

In this rapid changing world in order to meet the changing needs of the business enterprise need to invest huge amount of money as well as time to scale up their IT infrastructure that includes hardware, software and services however, with unpremises IT structure the whole scaling up process of the enterprise can be slow and that is one reason why enterprise fails to achieve optimum utilization of their resources as well as IT infrastructure.

Now cloud computing technology results in a paradigm shift that provides computing resources over the internet. Most of us know that cloud computing brings benefits to all sizes of businesses. The cloud computing technologies not only eliminates the cost structure but also allows the businesses to focus on their core businesses. But before that you need to know certain facts about cloud computing. read more

Disaster Recovery (DR) System In Cloud Servers

Different business has different needs but all business aims for continuity. For every business disaster recovery is the best option if you want to avoid long downtime or delay.  In this world of information and  technology every business has a very sophisticated IT  structure  that keeps the business running smoothly and effectively .

Now every business takes precautions to protect their data by backing it  up or by making it safe in an off-site location but , imagine what if a disaster occurs, how long it will take  for you to retrieve your data from a safe location lets a say week or few days……till that time your company will be loosing its time and productivity. read more

Criteria for Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting Provider to Build a Website

Wordpress Web Hosting

At present, any person with minimum computer knowledge is able to build his / her own web page for several purposes such as promoting a business, sharing personal opinions and sharing photos, etc…

In order to create such web pages, there are various web applications are available on Internet, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger. Now, imagine a user who decides to build his own website, blog or photo gallery and decides to hire a web hosting service provider.

Well, in order to install WordPress CMS, the first point you need to bear in mind is the selection of a web hosting provider that can suffice your requirements. No doubt, this is one of the essential points that need to be considered, as a bad choice can affect the quality of your service, security of website or blog, etc… read more

Introduction to WordPress Content Management System

Wordpress Hosting

History of WordPress CMS

Since year 2000, there have been various technological revolutions that have taken great importance in the evolution of Information Technology (IT) and the Internet. However, in the year 2004, the revolution took a shape that had begun to take shape several years ago, and it was finally known as the Web 2.0 revolution, a concept that was created in 2004 by one of the co-founders Dale Dougherty of O’Reilly Media, referring to the remarkable changes that were creating Internet and the World Wide Web. read more

Introduction to Joomla Content Management System

joomla web hosting

History of Joomla CMS

On the origins of the WWW or World Wide Web, pages that were designed were static in nature and really simple, the language on which HTML2 rested, did not allow much to do. If you had to make any changes, you were required to edit the code for each page individually. Given this, it is possible to get an idea of the work that would modify such sixty pages. Many developers and manufacturers identified this problem and create the 90 programming languages “server side” as ASP 3 or PHP4, which together with the use of data bases that would allow the dynamic generation of web pages. This opened a way for the development of the first content management systems or CMS (Content Management System). read more

Select The Perfect Online Cloud Storage For More Benefits

There are many web hosting providers in the market, but you have to choose the perfect one for your online business. Before selecting any cloud storage you have to know about every provider and what they provide to their customers. It would be a very difficult job to search a perfect one for you because some of them are quite good, and some of them are bad. And you have to filter out the bad providers to choose the best one as per your requirements.

Know more about cloud storage:
At first you have to know that what is cloud hosting, cloud storage and advantages of cloud storage. Actually, you can get remote storing capacity. You can upload data and also access anytime anywhere with cloud storage. The users can share their data or keep private also, as per their requirements.
The word “Cloud” is basically utilized metaphor for the www or the Internet. Cloud storage is the best resource where don’t have to know the infrastructure and location because all work will do by online. Users will get some devices to upload any files, including videos, photographs, charts, documents and other data, which save space on their hard drive. Users also can access their data remotely and share with anyone if they want.
Advantages Of Cloud Storage :
There are many advantages of cloud storage. Some of them are as follows :
* In the cloud storage, users only have to pay which they use.
* There is no need to use storage devices in the user’s hard drive. So, they can save their space.
* Users have full access on all applications and data every-time.
* The cloud storage providers would be fully responsible for the maintenance.
* Users get unlimited availability.
* Users get high level of security with the cloud storage.
* Users get remote access. So, they can access their cloud storage anytime and from anywhere. read more

SQL Server – Export / Import a diagram


A lot of people believe that in SQL Server it is not possible to import or export a diagram of a database to another database. And there are quite a few who ranked this issue among the disadvantages of SQL Server.

But I inform you that it is possible to Export / Import a database diagram in SQL Server. Here I give you the steps to follow so you can import or export a diagram of a database to another database.

read more