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VMware vSphere 5 Licensing and Virtual RAM Limitation

Vmware’s new vSphere 5 licensing model and pricing will upset some users, because it is going to change the machine sizing rules. The new structure of licensing and limitation is not based on the physical CPUs and physical RAM per server, it is actually based on per CPU with a limitation on vRAM per license for specific version of vSphere.

Memory limitation and prices for each vSphere edition are:

  • Standard Edition: 24GB per $995 license
  • Enterprise Edition: 32 GB per $2,875 per license
  • Enterprise Plus: 48 GB per $3,495 per license

Means that, you can only share VRAM capacity among licensed servers according to the edition of vSphere. However, VMware calls this memory of law as a soft limitation. On the other side, you are able to use more memory than licensed in the VRAM pool as it will not prevent you from powering on your virtual machines (VM). read more

Key To Get Success In Your Online Business (Part- II)

Choose a proper web hosting provider:

To get success in your online business, you have to select a suitable web hosting provider. Before selecting a hosting provider you have to search different factors to meet your goals and requirements. If you come up to the web hosting providers with your requirements, then they consider the variables which fulfill your requirements. If you participate in online marketing then you must have some particular requirements, your hosting provider would be responsible to take care of that. If the website is a high traffic, high income one, then the hosting quality and mode are highly critical. read more

Microsoft Windows Server 8 and Hyper-V 3.0

As we all know Hyper- V is a virtualization technology for Windows platform and this new 3.0 version is specially developed for the Windows 8 client and Windows Server 8. Microsoft is going to offer this version as a stand alone product.

The key features of this operating system are:

  • It focuses more on virtualization with the update to hyper-v 3.0
  • High availability, simple management of multiple server platforms
  • Main vision is to focus on the cloud computing
  • More flexibility and simplicity to manage data and applications

However, hyper-v 3.0 is based an older version of hyper-v that creates a virtualization environment for multiple partitioning to run. The layer of hypervisor, or the parent partition actually enables the management of child partitions. In addition, hyper-V uses the term partition to refer to a virtualization layer that provides an separate environment in which guest OS and application can run. read more

Key To Get Success In Your Online Business

There are countless business owners in the world. Some of them are new and small business owners and some of them are old and big business owners. Now internet is a very easy option for all so, maximum of them business owners want to create an online presence. Business owners have to follow some important points to get success in online business. Those are as follows :
* Choose a proper web hosting plan.
* Choose a proper operating system.
* Choose a proper web hosting provider.

* Choose a proper web hosting plan :
There are many types of web hosting. Such as:
Shared hosting: In case of shared hosting, many websites are hosted in a same physical server. Means, many customers are share the same physical server and resources. This web hosting is the cheapest hosting plan in the hosting market. If you have a low budget for hosting your website then you can choose this hosting plan.
VPS hosting : VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting is a middle option of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In case of VPS hosting, more than one virtual server is created in a single server. Means, more than one customers share a single server but they can install any software or reboot their virtual server as they wish. VPS users get more flexibility than shared hosting users. If you have little bit more budget than shared hosting then you can choose VPS hosting. read more

Cloud Server Hosting For The Call Centers

The next revolution of BODHost Cloud solution is to make the appropriate cloud computing environment for call centers to remove obstacle created by outdated premise based solutions.

According to our communication with some of call centers CEO’s, the thing which we have noticed, they are searching for possibilities to increase their revenues while cutting down the overall operational costs. Many of them have shown their interest in our enLight cloud computing as it is a way to achieve both of these objectives. read more

Cloud applications, storage and web servers – emerging markets

Emerging markets today in Latin America and Asia pacific have shown a lot of usage in cloud computing applications than other markets in Europe and US counterpart.

The usage has been over 39% of the total cloud computing application in Latin America and 28% in Asia Pacific whereas it’s only 12% in Europe. Although, not much cloud applications have been developed but the usage is already higher than expected per a survey report.

Experts call it an inflection point in cloud computing and large corporate IT companies have benefited from it which cannot be ignored. There is a lot of scope in cloud computing technologies and applications and will continue to grow as opportunities to many IT companies. read more

How cloud storage integrates with mobile – smart phones ?

Now, cloud storage can easily be integrated to mobile and smart phones. Users will now be able to edit files and store them on cloud. Now, business process applications will be a lot easier with integration of cloud storage with smart phones.

Now, applications, documents edits, secure signatures, digital notes and PDF’s can easily be accessed with integration of mobile devices. This feature allows all enterprise business to make changes on the move and the innovation that has been understood the usage of mobile devices. read more

Dedicated Server Windows 2008

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 is the basic solution with reference to a Windows Dedicated Server. It provides a great performance with astonishing features for your personal or business requirements. offers a large range of windows dedicated servers with all versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. You can choose the Web Edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and Data Center Edition.

The dedicated server windows and offer many features, such as:

  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS 6.0 and 7.0) that offers great performance.
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Fully compatible with Plesk control panel developed by Parallels.
  • Supports multiple scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, cgi-bin, Python, etc …
  • Scripting mail components (ASPEmail, ASPmail, Jmail, CDOSYS, etc …)
  • RDP access through particular IP addresses by using windows default firewall
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • etc …

Read the following different characteristics of each edition of Windows 2008 and one you should choose: read more

Get Profits With Linux Reseller Web Hosting (Part- II)

Linux reseller web hosting is well known as cpanel reseller hosting. Maximum resellers prefer Linux reseller hosting. Linux is a popular open source operating system for a large number of existing online business owners and also a large number of upcoming online business owners. The demand of Linux reseller hosting is growing as per the growth of the web hosting market. The cause of the huge demand for Linux reseller hosting is its easily affordability, good stability, excellent security and huge popularity. read more

Get Profits With Linux Reseller Web Hosting

In the web hosting market, there are many kinds of web hosting plans. One of them allows you cheapest web hosting, one of them allows you flexible web hosting etc. But there is one more unique hosting plan which allows you to earn money with web hosting business, that is reseller hosting. Reseller hosting owners don’t have to setup an expensive data center or they don’t have to buy and maintain web servers even they don’t have to hire any technician to handle technical issues. In case of reseller hosting your hosting provider would be responsible for everything related technical to issues, maintenance, monitoring etc. And the reseller hosting owner can only concentrate on promoting his business. One more good point about reseller hosting is that reseller hosting owner gets more freedom and flexibility to create a good business strategy, promote their business and also concentrate on their core business. read more