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Cloud Hosting Increases The Market For Virtualization

Without application virtualization those companies which are still using applications in a traditional way will remain anchored permanently on the workstation of the user. Virtualization technology allows them to install, manage, and secure their applications in the cloud environment. In addition, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows the centralized management of desktops form the data center without heavy lifting or making any application changes.

From a market perspective, the maturity of virtualization of dedicated servers, applications and workstations lead to the emergence of cloud computing offerings. read more

Simple Steps To Install phpMychat Script Manually

PhpMychat is a chat room, which is based on PHP or MYSQL script. If users have VPS hosting and they want to install this php based chat room, then they can go through the following steps :

1. Open the link :

2. Download :

3. Enter the directory where the users want to install that particular filed. The users have to keep in mind that the directory must be the top-level directory on his or her website.

4. Specify the database:
Name of database :
Username :
Yes to password :yes
Enter Password :
Confirm Password :
Host :localhost
Yes to create :yes
Create Another :no
Exit :0 read more

Barracuda Application Firewall

The barracuda web application firewall is a powerful protection of application layer security for web servers. This application firewall protects your website from flood attacks by strengthening the capacity of the protocols and vulnerable applications to better detect unauthorized access, data theft, denial of service or degradation of your website. Unlike other firewalls or intrusion detection systems that pass directly through traditional http, https, or ftp to web applications – barracuda web application firewall prevents hackers from gaining direct access to web servers by using the feature proxy for that traffic. read more

Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS (Part- II)

About Linux Hosting

If any user’s website is developed with open-source software and they want to find out any open-source operating system then Linux VPS hosting would be suitable for them. In case of Linux VPS hosting, the operating system Linux is very compatible with PHP.

Linux is like a playing field for programmers across the world- as a result we see countless applications being created, modified and tested constantly. So it proves that Linux hosting always keeps the window open to let in fresh air of modern revelation. As per this point of view nothing beats Linux hosting for an avid user. read more

US Dedicated Servers

People often think about hosting a dedicated server, because when the client have own dedicated box it can generally be administered as it wants to be, which is the main advantage of this hosting type. The provider of dedicated box remains the owner of the server. However, the price is much higher than rest of the hosting plans, and the client should have some decent skills to administer the server properly.

Find a dedicated server in the United States:

Imagine you have a video sharing site like YouTube with over 50000 visitors per day and over 10000 videos. A simple shared hosting or even VPS hosting will not be able to cope up with such a great amount of traffic. You will definitely need a dedicated server. read more

Difference Between Linux VPS And Windows VPS (Part- I)

If any business owners don’t have much technical knowledge then suitable hosting plan selection is a big issue. Because they can’t understand the difference between different hosting plan and also different operating system. To solve this problem they have to spend some more time to know about web hosting. At first they have to get a clear idea about operating systems then get an idea about hosting plans. They have to keep in mind that, success of their business depends on the selection of suitable operating system and also hosting plan. read more

When VPS Hosting Would Be Suitable For You? (Part-II)

When can you choose VPS hosting?

* Cost : If you have a little bit more budget than shared hosting and if you can’t afford dedicated hosting, then you can choose VPS hosting.

* Flexibility: If you want more flexibility than shared hosting then VPS hosting would be suitable for you.

* Security : In case of hosting, security is a very important point. If you don’t want to face any problem about security then you can choose VPS hosting.

Choose Managed VPS hosting or Un-managed VPS hosting? / which would be suitable : managed VPS hosting or un-managed VPS hosting? read more

When VPS Hosting Would Be Suitable For You? (Part-I)

If you don’t know that VPS hosting would be suitable for you or not then you have to spend more time to research about it. To solve this problem, you can read different articles and blogs, like the following blog :

What is VPS Hosting?
There are many kind of hosting plans, VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of them.
In a short VPS is cheaper version of dedicated hosting.
In case of VPS hosting users share their resources, maintenance cost like shared hosting and get root access, security system etc. flexibility like dedicated hosting with little bit more price than shared hosting. read more

High Availability with VMware Cloud Hosting

How to secure your infrastructure against failures from different sources?

Well the solution is VMware HA for your Cloud Hosting infrastructure, which provides a mechanism for the organized and economical displacement to your virtualized IT environment.

  • Application security with no other failover option and guaranteed default high availability for software / applications that might otherwise not be secured.
  • read more

    Root Access To Dedicated Server

    A server root access or root server gives you the full power to your own server with the maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring the web server.

    Comparison of the service provider and server root access rates in the following area:

    Root-Server Comparison

    Root access of the server to the client is always in question, but to offer maximum freedom to clients a lot of web hosting companies offer this privilege. This step is practical as well, because whenever client wants to install his own scripts and don’t have patience to wait then giving them the server access usually is the right choice for the web host. In addition, administrator of the hosting company is able to obtain rights on your server and can make all the settings which you should opt for a root server. read more